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The sociology of Brexit

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JamieVardysParty Sun 26-Jun-16 19:30:22

This article is one of the only I've seen that hasn't looked at any economic reasons etc, but it focused solely on why people may have voted Leave.

The idea that handouts do not produce gratitude is compelling. People are claiming how people in Wales etc have shot themselves in the foot when the EU provides them with grants etc. However this explores the psychology of why people voted Leave.

It is patronising and elitist to assume you can throw money at troubled communities and they should be expected to put up and shut up. It reduces independence and forces people to be reliant on others. People have pride and some in the Leave campaign picked up on this.

Reasoned arguments about economics etc are often lost or overlooked by personal perception - the focus should be on tackling this perception and exploring why people are feeling like this.

Also highly relevant is the section on the idea that this is the age of data, not facts.

Definitely worth a read -

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