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Jersey is not part of the EU so is there any way that different parts of the UK could make their own choices

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ReallyTired Sun 26-Jun-16 19:27:40

Jersey is not technically part of the EU. They have consitutional rights for self governanceand and judicial independence. Jersery is not completely independent of the UK.

If forty years ago Jersey could choose not to join the EU is there any way that Northern Ireland and Scotland could chose to stay.

I think that the scots would be in a hellish position having to choose whether they have freedom of good and people with England or freedom of good and people with Scotland. I suspect that it would damage scotland more if there were tarriffs between England and Scotland.

Nicola Surgeon might find that even fewer scots vote for independence if it means that scottish businesses face tarriffs when selling to the English. If Scoltand has no freedom to make a trade agreement with England (and the EU wants to punish England and Wales) then scotland could really suffer.

I feel the answer is a British Union of four independent nations.
Each nation would make its own laws and set its own taxes. England would have its own parliment and there would be a British Union parliment. All four nations would have free movement of people, goods and share a currency. Places like Gilbrater would become an independent country and they could choose whether to join the British union or be part of Spain.

ReallyTired Sun 26-Jun-16 19:29:26

I just read my post. It might be more damaging for Scotland to not have free trade with England than to not have free trade with Europe. An independent Scotland as part of the EU could not have the right to make a free trade deal with rUK.

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