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How can anti racist white people halt this tsunami of racism and xenophobia that has been unleashed?

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Destinysdaughter Sun 26-Jun-16 17:42:20

I'm horrified by the reports of people who are not white British being racially abused, being told to go back home etc since the results on Thursday. I know not all leavers voted for racist reasons, but I'm very scared about what this has unleashed. I feel quite defeated by it as its often irrational and is about scapegoating the other but it's very very real right now. I feel like we've just regressed to the 70's- early 80's and it was not a good place.

I just want to know, what can we do about it...?

Shallishanti Sun 26-Jun-16 17:43:57

very good question, wish I knew

BestIsWest Sun 26-Jun-16 17:45:56

Speak up at every opportunity. Get involved with the political party of your choice. Don't be silenced by people saying we should all just accept Brexit and move on.

Don't let racism you unchallenged.

Newes Sun 26-Jun-16 17:46:05

We can call it out when we see it, we can keep on emphasising Not In My Name across social media, we can report to the Police, as it is, as it has been for a long time, an offence.

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Sun 26-Jun-16 17:49:33

Where is it though, I've not seen it anywhere.... Either here or in social media?

Newes Sun 26-Jun-16 17:51:35

There is a collection of incidents on FB, MumOnTheRun.

I haven't seen any on my personal FB but then I don't associate with racist twats.

gunting Sun 26-Jun-16 17:54:01

Mum here is a link to a FB group where people are sharing experiences of post brexit racism.

Leavers are keen to shout down the remainers and minimise our concerns, why not put some energy into denouncing this?

Destinysdaughter Sun 26-Jun-16 17:54:41

Where is it?

gunting Sun 26-Jun-16 17:54:54

Even someone who had a remain sign up has had 'pedo's house' graffitied outside their house.

Celen Sun 26-Jun-16 17:54:55

It's revolting to hear all the racist incidents, it's scary really sad

hubris Sun 26-Jun-16 17:56:11

All I've seen round here is the unleashing of appalling class prejudice and ageism. Concerned about that at all?

Destinysdaughter Sun 26-Jun-16 17:57:55

And this

I actually think the racism is much more worrying than ageism tbh

NoMoreGrimble Sun 26-Jun-16 17:59:30

Yesterday for the first time in my life I was made to feel like a foreigner. I was born to immigrants but this is my home /my country. A fellow parent from my DD's class said something along the lines of "I can understand some Brexiters, look at all the brown people in the class" and how her DC is the only white one. Lived here nearly 50 years and have never had anything like this said to my face. Maybe it's been said behind my back.

hubris Sun 26-Jun-16 17:59:49

Bear in mind that various media outlets have particular agendas. They will be scouring social media to find the worst examples of behaviour instead of reporting on the millions of people who are behaving well and honourably and are keen to move forward.

Destinysdaughter Sun 26-Jun-16 18:01:08

No old person is going to be beaten up on the streets are they?

hubris Sun 26-Jun-16 18:01:43

What about the class prejudice? White working class people are the only people that champagne socialists are allowed to have a nasty pop at - and boy do they go for it. It's no better than xenophobia and racism.

gunting Sun 26-Jun-16 18:02:36

Hubris it doesn't matter how many are behaving well. Any racism is too much. It's simply not acceptable.

crappymummy Sun 26-Jun-16 18:03:51

The millions behaving well will truly be of comfort to me the next time someone tells me to fuck off back home


AddToBasket Sun 26-Jun-16 18:05:00

What about ageism? Hugely unpleasant spate of it's-fine-to-be-rude-about-old-people.

gunting Sun 26-Jun-16 18:05:54

Add but it is a fact that most under 50s voted to remain.

BeverlyGoldberg Sun 26-Jun-16 18:06:32

I can't bear it. What can we do other than make a stand where we can? It's utterly depressing and I feel naive for ever feeling this country was better than this.

MangoMoon Sun 26-Jun-16 18:07:10

First of all, stop fuelling the hysteria by continuing the 'them & us' wrt remain or leave.

Then, just do what you would presumably always do:

Call it out when you see it
Do your best to stop people feeling/being marginalised
Report, report, report as necessary to police, social media moderators, teachers, etc etc

Destinysdaughter Sun 26-Jun-16 18:08:54

So my question is, if you care about this,what can we actually do?

Personally I think it's only prosperity that will stop this but since this is pretty unlikely in the near future, I'd like to be able to think of something we can do to stop this.

Helmetbymidnight Sun 26-Jun-16 18:09:52

'hope not hate' is an anti racist website. There are others.

I don't know why people are minimising this.

my friend was shouted at 'we'll get you out next' on Friday morning.

Patterkiller Sun 26-Jun-16 18:13:00

We speak up at every opportunity. A friend was spat at in the street yesterday. She has lived here all her life I'm embarrassed and utterly ashamed.

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