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If you voted leave - why?

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babybythesea Sun 26-Jun-16 16:36:49

I don't want to name call. I don't want to be goady.
I voted remain. I cared passionately about it. I did my research - I looked at the figures on things like immigration and possible economic forecasts, I listened to the experts (not celebrities) who knew what they were talking about, and I tried to ensure that I was reading the info from both sides so I avoided, as far as possible, confirmation bias by only reading things that concurred with what I already thought.

So far, I have only spoken in RL, since the vote, to one leave voter who said we needed to rule ourselves and just shrugged when I pointed out we did anyway, and gave some of the facts I'd picked up about UK vs EU laws. I didn't get into further debate as he clearly wasn't interested.
Beforehand, I debated with one friend who talked about immigrants (we live in Cornwall, the only immigrant parent is my DH who is Kiwi!) so it's not a personal experience that's prompted that. And one who claimed not to have benefitted from any of the money invested down here since he has never driven on the road the EU funded or worked in the energy plant they invested in or ridden on the stretch of railway they funded. Essentially, the EU hasn't paid his mortgage, as far as I can see. He is completely unable to see how else he may have benefitted from the money entering the county.

That's it. I can't find anyone informed actually giving me their reasons. What is this research that people did to inform them?

Normally, like in the General Election, I wouldn't ask, it's your own business. We can try and rectify it in four years if it's not the result I like. But this, this can't be undone. Your decision has left me and mine living with the fallout - it wasn't a decision that just affected you. In any other circumstance, if you make a decision that massively affects someone else, forever, in a way that they hate, you'd have to explain.

Please, explain because I really don't get it. I want to know. Give me some reasons why it's a good idea and I may also be able to climb out of this pit of gloom - it's been a shit weekend, I am genuinely upset and angry at what has happened so if you can give me the positives go for it. Lily Allen changing her mind, alas, does not count.

TheFirie Mon 27-Jun-16 05:33:04

Marking place as so far I can only see the vote was driven by ignorance about how EU works.

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