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So are we okay with the lies then?

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chicaguapa Sun 26-Jun-16 15:38:15

We've just had a referendum (some of you may have missed it wink). Both sides told outrageous lies to win.

Leave strongly implied that the saved money from the EU would go on public spending. They also implied that the immigration problem would be sorted.

On the Remain side Gideon threatened his punishment budget if we voted to leave, Cameron promised to invoke article 50 of the treaty the day after the result. He vowed not to leave whatever the result

All lies and retracted the day after the referendum. hmm

Much has been said about democracy. I thought in a democracy everyone had a right to honest facts, not barefaced lies on which to base their vote.

In amongst all this fighting about leavers/ remainers, I feel the real question is has a dangerous precedent has been set whereby we are now accepting the blatant misinformation and misrepresentation of facts?

Are we spending too much time in-fighting and not actually focussing on fact that in a democratic referendum we were lied to? About something that was actually very important indeed and for which we are expected to shoulder the responsibility?

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