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Some thoughts post referendum

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dalek Sun 26-Jun-16 15:19:44

Not sure if this is the right place so if MN want to move it please feel free.

Whatever you feel about the result it does seem that the vast majority of people outside London who voted felt that the Government and Establishment as it stands does not speak or care about them.

What I am wondering when did this all at start? In my (admittedly not very informed) opinion it seems to be that when Thatcher went after the unions, and particularly the miners, ordinary working class people started to lose their voice. Before that they had the power of the unions to fight their corner.

Successive governments (on both sides) ignored the needs/opinions of the workers as they had no collective power and just cozied up to big business because it kept them and their mates in jobs. Service and financial industries increased but manufacturing disappeared - skewing all of the money and power to London.

I am sure it is not quite that simple but I would like to hear other people's opinions and thoughts on it.

Please let's try and keep it friendly.

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