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So, EU expats in the UK - what's next?

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Homsa Sun 26-Jun-16 11:29:11

Apart from dealing with the shock/anger/bitter taste in your mouth - what are you doing in practical terms?
We (German/Finnish family) have decided to apply for British citizenship. Leaving the UK is not an option - this really is our home now - and we're not going to wait and see what kind of deal the UK eventually strikes with the EU. The decision was made much easier by the realisation that we all qualify for dual nationality! (at the moment - not sure whether that will still apply in 2 year's time)
As far as I can tell that means:
- saving up (around £1,000 per person! shock)
- applying for a permanent residence card as the first step
- not booking any trips abroad for several months after that application has been submitted, as it may take ages to get our passports back
- preparing for the Life in the UK test (yes even after living here for almost 20 years - not sure if any of my British friends would be able to pass it either!)
- not throwing away any of the all bank statements, salary slips etc stashed in the loft, because we'll need them to evidence residency
Would be interested to find out what other expats are planning?

JoJoSM2 Sun 26-Jun-16 11:51:54

I'm Going to apply for a permanent residence card. I'll wait and see what deal the UK strikes with the EU. If the UK stays in the single market, incl free movement of labour then I'll stay here. Otherwise, I think the coutry is likely to get screwed in which case we might move.

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