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Thinking about joining the Conservate party in order to have some say in who is elected.

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Humphriescushion Sun 26-Jun-16 08:08:24

I am a remainer and normally labour supporter ( in general). Could not bear the thought of Boris or one of the other brexiters getting in. It would stick in my craw( ?) to give money and be seen to support the tories but if it meant having a say. Is this possible, what do people think?

JuliannalovesCliveBixby Sun 26-Jun-16 08:10:28

It's possible but if they think this is why you're joining, your vote won't count, or you won't get one. Dh joined labour to vote for Corbyn, but labour saw on social media that he supported greens so booted him out.

Boogers Sun 26-Jun-16 14:15:59

I'd get your skates on, you have to be a paid up member for at least 3 months in order to have a vote.

GinandJag Sun 26-Jun-16 14:18:36

I am a member of the Conservative Party but didn't think I got a vote. Isn't it just the Parliamentart party that gets to vote on the new leader?

Boogers Sun 26-Jun-16 14:23:20

According to Wikipedia it's an all-member ballot when it's down to two candidates.

ApocalypseSlough Sun 26-Jun-16 14:33:44

Joining a political party today, any one, is a good idea.

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sun 26-Jun-16 17:50:19

I voted Labour in every election I've been entitled to vote in since 1977 but only joined the party last year to vote for anyone other than Corbyn.

I was wondering if I could join the Conservatives to vote for Theresa May (or anyone other than BoJo)

LadyRataxes Sun 26-Jun-16 19:11:38

i was thinking this- but to be honest i'm not sure who I'd vote for. I want someone who will drive such a hard bargain that we'd stay in the EU but doesn't that give me a decent Tory leader? i quite like the scottish Tory leader !
Can you be in two parties? Not that my vote counted last time when we moved from ineffectual to incompetent

Thegirlinthefireplace Sun 26-Jun-16 19:23:08

Ironically apocalypse Slough I am toying with cancelling my Labour membership

simplydivine05 Sun 26-Jun-16 19:34:28

I joined the conservatives yesterday for this reason, although I was already a conservative voter. I don't know where you would stand if you have ever indicated anywhere other than on a ballot paper that you support another party. As a pp said, you may be refused membership or a vote.

Boogers Sun 26-Jun-16 19:37:40

Lie. Or just withhold the truth. Politicians have been doing it since politics began.

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sun 26-Jun-16 19:47:47

I would not have lied about being a member of another party but the application form didn't ask the question.

To be honest I don't see why I should not have a say. Whilst I vote Labour in general elections I voteTory on the list paper for Holyrood elections.

caroldecker Sun 26-Jun-16 20:10:16

The MP's whittle the list down to 2 and the members vote on them. You need to have been a member for 3 months to vote, so unlikely to have an impact this time unless the vote is at the end of Sept.

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