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Help me word this Government Petition - calling for snap general election

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Bovneydazzlers Sun 26-Jun-16 01:49:43

Whilst I like the momentum the second referendum petition has gained showing the level of feeling, I can't reconcile myself to signing it - It seems too much of a disregard of democracy to ask for a second one based on statistics of the vote, this should have been sorted beforehand, not retrospectively.

However, I also think the result was utter madness and a worse future for UK economy, UK togetherness and general world peace. We need a petition with better solution and better reasons than simply 'this referendum wasn't fair' based on it only being 52%.

It is not a perfect answer and requires politicians to stand up and put their country before themselves - but I think the best solution would be for a snap general election. Parties would make it clear whether they would issue article 50 or not in their manifesto, or, for example, promise second referendum in 2 years, and it gives people a second chance for all the Bregretters out there.

The risks of this - UKIP will gain ground, may cause split in Tory party, undermine referendum results

However, I think that this general election would seem a more democratic way of giving people a second chance rather than disregarding the referendum and just calling for a second one. And if UKIP got more MPs so what, what greater harm could they do than enacting article 50?? I firmly believe a second referendum now would not have a hope of voting leave.

Is it a ridiculous idea to put this into a petition? And if so, how to word it succinctly?

I'm thinking justification being:

Extremely close result
2 out of 4 nation states voted to remain
May well cause break up of UK
Brexit politicians been found to be lying in their campaign
Economic impact of Brexit now clear.

It's 2am and not really sleeping well, is this a crazy idea , and if not, help me word it into a clear petition!

Bovneydazzlers Sun 26-Jun-16 02:12:31

Just seen this:

I voted Lib Dem at last election, and looks like I will be again...

Kummerspeck Sun 26-Jun-16 02:35:40

Ever heard of democracy?

MrsDeathOfRats Sun 26-Jun-16 02:52:17

There is no one we can vote for.

Who could you vote for?

I'm not adversed to a GE as such as the idea of Gove or Boris taking he leadership makes me cry but then... Who else would do it now?

The thought that Farage could gain ground of the back of this referendum is simply terrifying.
Your naive if you think he can't do more damage.

Spinflight Sun 26-Jun-16 03:41:58

The correct way to do that is to stomp your feet, fold your arms and pout aggressively at whoever is your daddy.

YourPerception Sun 26-Jun-16 04:10:54

Labour and conservative have no leader.

MangoMoon Sun 26-Jun-16 06:17:20

Do you not think a snap general election will damage our country in the eyes of the international markets?

There's going to be enough turmoil as it is with a forthcoming Tory leadership election & we can't start moving on exit until a leader is in place.
It's bad enough that our country is appearing to be childlike in its insistence to overturn democracy by petitioning for a second referendum.

Brexit is what I and 48.1% of the voting electorate democratically voted in favour of - repeated attempts to derail & undermine this are, frankly, pathetic and will only serve to risk unnecessary disruption to what should be the process of negotiating the best possible terms for our country's future.

Mistigri Sun 26-Jun-16 06:50:06

I think you'll get an early GE but there's no point in asking for one now. The circumstances in which an early GE can be called are now rather limited and it's difficult to force one.

Just be patient.

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