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To ask if Leave voters would still vote the same way, knowing what they know now? And what people who didn't vote now feel?

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longestlurkerever Sat 25-Jun-16 20:18:38

I think I'd find it easier to accept the result if I knew that the majority of the country were still happy with the decision to leave, now that they realise that the economic predictions were not scaremongering, that there really is no fallback plan for how to forge a new deal with the EU and now that the leave campaign appear to be backtracking on many of their claims.

No judgment, it's just that the decision is not binding yet. There are reports in the media of people regretting their vote to leave but I don't know how widespread a feeling that is.

kslatts Sat 25-Jun-16 20:20:22

I voted leave and am happy with the decision, I feel positive about the future.

Babysafari Sat 25-Jun-16 20:22:09

I was undecided but voted remain. I'm surprised at how gutted I am.

Part of the reason I'm so gutted is the amount of people I've seen on tv since saying either that they voted leave, but didn't think we'd leave hmm Or that they regret it, or that they voted leave for some other ridiculous reason such as they think David Cameron is ugly.

VulcanWoman Sat 25-Jun-16 20:26:28

I voted leave and would do again, people need to calm down.

Mj41 Sat 25-Jun-16 20:27:24

I'm perfectly happy with my vote thanks

PurpleDaisies Sat 25-Jun-16 20:27:42

Yes YABU to ask because this thread exists in at least three versions already.

nightandthelight Sat 25-Jun-16 20:28:56

Following out of curiosity.

PeggyMitchell123 Sat 25-Jun-16 20:30:50

I don't know, I kind of wish the vote never happened to be honest. I feel ok about us leaving the EU, its daunting but I am optimistic but I really hate how everything and one seems so miserable. I hate how divided people are, how argumentative and how nasty some people have been. I am so done with it to be honest.

SemiNormal Sat 25-Jun-16 20:38:33

I voted leave and am happy with the decision.

Dogsmom Sat 25-Jun-16 20:39:07

I voted leave and would do the same again, we knew there would be a shock while things settled.
Nothing surprising has happened yet.

Ask the question again in a couple of years.

Basicbrown Sat 25-Jun-16 20:40:54

What do we know now that we didn't before...?

Happydappy99 Sat 25-Jun-16 20:41:48

I voted leave and would again.

OhStacey Sat 25-Jun-16 20:41:56

Voted leave and would again

WeekendAway Sat 25-Jun-16 20:42:41

i'm confused. What do we know now that we didn't know, or at least suspect or anticipate three days ago?

electricflyzapper Sat 25-Jun-16 20:42:51

Same as PeggyMitchell.

I voted leave and am happy with the reasons for my decision, but I am really unhappy with the atmosphere in the country now. I realised before the referendum that leavers would find defeat easier than remainers, but I had no idea how badly remainers would feel. I fear it may well turn out not to have been worth it.

PinkBuffalo Sat 25-Jun-16 20:43:23

Voted leave and would again

WeekendAway Sat 25-Jun-16 20:44:59

now that they realise that the economic predictions were not scaremongering

What do you mean by that exactly and how could we possibly know already? None of the predictions have actually happened yet, unless you count the pound falling and then promptly bouncing back up again. confused

WaitrosePigeon Sat 25-Jun-16 20:47:21

Voted leave, very happy with my decision and would leave again.

longestlurkerever Sat 25-Jun-16 20:56:39

OK, I'm sorry, I did look for other versions of this question before posting. What I'm struggling to accept (among other things) is that people really wanted this sort of chaotic exit. The referendum question doesn't really ask on what conditions people wanted to leave the EU. The leave campaign seemed to present it as leaving in favour of a Norway type arrangement but there's no plan to get from A to B. I don't think we can get from A to B.

Highlandfling80 Sat 25-Jun-16 21:05:19

Voted stay and now feel apprehensive about the future.

Salene Sat 25-Jun-16 21:08:26

I voted leave and researched it for weeks before deciding

I'm perfectly happy this country will be better off for it in 10/20 years

My vote was for the long term future of the U.K. Not the here and now

I appreciate there will be a storm to ride out that's of no surprise to me

WeekendAway Sat 25-Jun-16 21:11:43

i feel the same As Salene

i think we may feel like pariahs for a while but I think others will eventually follow our lead and the EU will eventually crumble anyway. we've just been the first to jump ship.

Crunchymum Sat 25-Jun-16 21:13:13

Hope you have a contingency plan for the next Decade or two Salene

Sixweekstowait Sat 25-Jun-16 21:16:37

I voted remain and can't believe how a bunch a self serving neo liberals fooled so many of you - it's true that as a group the leavers are less educated and older and I'll never forgive you

CarlGrimesMissingEye Sat 25-Jun-16 21:17:43

I'm with Salene.

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