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I regret the way I voted.

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lulucappuccino Fri 24-Jun-16 23:58:06

After a long day reading Facebook (didn't announce on there that I'd voted out), colleagues talking and family (who do know how I voted) complaining, I really wish I'd voted to remain.

I read a few bullet point articles and felt swayed by the amount of money were were paying to the EU. But I feel as though I'd partly not researched enough and also believed the hype.

Seeing the pound falling and friends worried for their jobs etc, I feel as though I've done something really bad. In fact, I'm sure I have.

Does anyone else regret the way they voted, whichever way that was?

JAB2012 Sun 26-Jun-16 18:54:51

Thanks for your honesty OP. As a remain voter I am still in shock and I am very scared for our future. And I am angry. I am angry at the weak remain campaign that did not set out clearly enough what the consequences are. I am angry that lies and mis - information was allowed to be so widely spread and remained unchallenged. I feel this is a form of fraud. I am writing to my MP (for what it's worth) to raise this. I feel strongly that we need to fight this. Voice our views and not stand by and sleepwalk into financial Armageddon. People didn't understand what they were voting for! And now 150000 Conservative members get to choose our next PM to steer us through this mess? That is not democracy.

kittensandgin Sun 26-Jun-16 18:57:52

TTIP (for the love of God!!!!)

maxandmoo TTIP looks very unlikely to still happen now and this has been public knowledge since the Greenpeace leaks. Hardly any progress, US not willing to compromise, massive opposition in many member states and the US. Leading political figures in France and Germany have finally realised how incredibly unpopular TTIP would be. Also Clinton and Trump have shown very little appetite for new trade agreements.
Also, did you ever think about what kind of deal the UK would (sorry, will) be offered on its own without the EU's bargaining power?

Has anybody asked where the manufacturing jobs keep going? No? To cheaper parts of the EU using EU grants and loans!!!!! These large companies will always work for the highest profits, and if you can re-locate for free? Well why the fuck not?!!!!

How strange that Germany's manufacturing industry is doing great then. Yes, the simple jobs do go to low-wage countries. The more complex stuff doesn't. Maybe try voting for a government that doesn't focus exclusively on the financial industry next time. If the UK wants to start manufacturing things again, it will for example need to start pumping more money into R&D and encourage young people to study STEM subjects. Among many people in the UK, working in finance still appears to be the most socially desirable career, while scientists, engineers and IT specialists get a lot less recognition. All this has absolutely nothing to do with the EU.

Suzeyshoes Sun 26-Jun-16 18:58:07

widgie gasp confused your ability to reduce the hard work of thousands of EU civil servants down to a catch phrases is astonishing.
Human rights? You do realise your right to equal pay, maternity leave and right to work within a sexism free environment was down to the EU? No? Ok, let's withdraw those then.
And the money 'thrown at Southern farmers' 😂: do you mean the regeneration of Wales/ Cornwall and many other towns in the UK? Perhaps not.
'Meetings about bananas?' Jesus. Your ignorance is flabbergasting. I'm assuming you read the sun or the mail. This is their usual kind of front page BS.
My husband works for the EU and I have never met anybody so committed to trying to improve people's well being. Not a single banana conversation grin
Your attitude shows how ignorant and uninformed you are. Yet another example.

MadeMan Sun 26-Jun-16 18:58:35

"Does anyone else regret the way they voted, whichever way that was?"


HB2 Sun 26-Jun-16 19:00:13

For all those fellow remainers, and those who voted leave but now regret it, please sign the government petition calling for a 2nd referendum ( It is unlikely anything will change, but you never know - especially as the leave camp are already back tracking on their lies / promises over immigration & nhs funding.

AmeliaLexi Sun 26-Jun-16 19:00:23

I do not regret my Leave vote. Despite the overwhelming outpourings of hate from the Remain camp.
Remain supporters ask why we are not celebrating openly on social media. I do not blame any of us for deciding to sit it out in silence in the current atmosphere.
Nobody wants to hear that they are xenophobic racists, narrow-minded idiots, uneducated morons and lobotomised bigots, just because we oppose our country’s continued membership of an international organisation we find unpalatable and contrary to our national interests.

Whatthefucknameisntalreadytake Sun 26-Jun-16 19:00:30

I feel so down about it. I can't see a bright side.

LillianGish Sun 26-Jun-16 19:01:09

There is no Brexit plan. Noone wants to/is prepared to invoke Article 50. Cameron's resigned and Boris hasn't been seen since his reluctant appearance after the result was announced. The leave campaign was all about taking back control, but now the moment is here it appears there is noone prepared to do so.

NewLife4Me Sun 26-Jun-16 19:01:19


You are kidding right?
Obviously you haven't visited any farms or industries mainly northern where jobs have been taken by immigrants.
Now that people in the South may lose their jobs, it's terrible.
What about the poor sods who have been experiencing this for 1o years now.
People do understand real issues, it just seems that unless it's real to you, people don't want to know.

I didn't vote leave, but can see, by looking around me and listening to friends and families stories why so many did.
One member of my family voted leave and after what she has experienced I don't blame her tbh.
The petition means nothing as most who have signed it will be ineligible to vote or their wishes not taken into consideration as they are 9 or a dog grin
The people have voted in a democracy it should stand. If you had to understand what you were voting for hardly anyone would be entitled to vote, then we have no democracy.
We have to just get on with what we have, look for different work, maybe move areas.
This has always happened during change and always will.
Use your time constructively, update your cv, apply for jobs, find any transferable skills you have to a sounder industry.

Ruxwells Sun 26-Jun-16 19:02:26

The travel disruption due to floods justify a good part of the absence from voting stations in London and the South-East.

Whatthefucknameisntalreadytake Sun 26-Jun-16 19:02:33

Amelia, I genuinely and sincerely hope you don't come to regret your vote as this unfolds. I really, really want to be wrong about this. I think you and others who voted leave made a terrible decision.

Showmethewaytogohome Sun 26-Jun-16 19:03:41

To those Leavers who do not regret their decision. I can understand that you will have considered reasons.

HOWEVER - we are in a political vacuum with no plan going forward at all. They HAD NO PLAN. You voted for an option that had way forward at all

Ignoring intellectual reasons for leaving this is not a temporary blip.

Sheffmum1 Sun 26-Jun-16 19:04:35

When will people understand that we live in a DEMOCRACY and therefore if you vote ... You can change things. I am bordering on depression about what has happened in the UK as I voted remain- BUT we will make a good agreement as Europe still value us and probably need us more than we need Europe so the damage is not as bad as we think. We should never have been allowed to vote for this as public as NONE Of us understood what we voting for. You are forgiven - lulu cappuccino but learn your lesson wisely!

singingsarah1980 Sun 26-Jun-16 19:04:38

I voted remain and nearly cried when I saw the results

Showmethewaytogohome Sun 26-Jun-16 19:05:57

Sorry Had NO way forward at all

Suzeyshoes Sun 26-Jun-16 19:06:04

Question: if Boris and his cronies are shown to have lied (which we know already they did), will there be an inquest like there was with Blair?
Somebody needs to be made accountable for those lies given the amount if people who are set to lose their livelihoods over the result.

sleeponeday Sun 26-Jun-16 19:06:23

Some people have mentioned the Human Rights Act as being part of why they voted for Leave.

It is troubling that people are claiming that they took such a huge decision, and were well informed when they did so... and then cite human rights legislation as part of their issue with the EU. You're in Council of Europe territory with that one. Different organisation, and not one that was involved with the referendum. This vote won't change the human rights implications, because it's our membership of a wholly different organisation regulating that.

AldrinJustice Sun 26-Jun-16 19:07:01

Voted remain. Will vote remain again. No regrets, but angry at the people who regretted voting leave. Maybe do your research next time you make a big decision like that?!

hks Sun 26-Jun-16 19:07:09

IMO with it being such an important vote affecting the lives everyone in the UK and beyond ... the non voters should r be fined if no valid reason is given not have done so ( like they do in Australia ) them voting might have made a big difference in the final count.

if it had been nearer 60 -40 then everyone would accept it and get on with it

Those who voted OUT and then said on National TV they wished they voted REMAIN should be banned from voting again as obviously didn't really think it would have made a difference when they put the cross on that piece of paper

Paris7 Sun 26-Jun-16 19:07:50

Many of those most affected by Brexit were denied the right to vote - I'm one of them and I'm bitterly angry about that.

Just for the record, I am a British born British citizen with a full British passport and a sterling state pension on which, with my small, much robbed personal pensions, I pay UK PAYE tax. I am not sure why I pay this as I have lived in France since Thatcher auctioned my ITV television producer/ director job off because of the ITV "Death on the Rock" documentary, which caught her having people shot without trial on Gibraltar - she wanted revenge.

Having committed myself to leaving the UK, but with my UK property stuck in the 1991-2 housing market collapse and my redundency payment still in my UK Bank, Black Wednesday happened. Without warning overnight Norman Lamont took Britain out of ERM. The pound, fell from fr 10 to the pound to fr 6 to the pound. Personally speaking the value of my unsold house and my redundancy payment had all but halved overnight and they stayed there. I was trying to reequip myself for a new career, and was ruined. Ironically I was to meet and "doorstep" Norman Lamont that morning alongside my great friend, the BBC Paris cameraman as Lamont steped off the train from Brussels, my friend's BBC salary had halved overnight, and I was ruined. We joked about which of us would beat Lamont to death with his camera while the other filmed it with his camera. Needless to to say we were both as good as gold and did our work. You may have watched it that evening. Norman Lamont never knew what he'd done to the two who doorstepped him off that train.

It took me a long time to rebuild things but I did, and finally, disabled with MS I retired in France on my very modest pension. As Brexit loomed I was ideally placed to know exactly what would happen to the pound. After all every time Beautiful Boris opened his stupid mouth the pound exchange rate plunged. This is simple fact, if you want to you can actually see for yourselves how it happened on the XE charts.

I then discovered to my stupifaction that British tax paying British pensioners who had lived abroad for 15 years or more were, for no valid reason at all, being denied the vote. I challange the legality of that on every count, morally it stinks.

Now that Mark Carney has said that he will heave billions in dodgy notes at the banks again in order to prop up the pound, (and make bankers richer) just who do you think will have to repay it..... again? The Scots who didn't vote to leave the EU? The Northern Irish, who didn't vote to leave? The Gibraltans who voted to remain? and/ or the young and the British tax paying pensioners?
Or will you Brexiters who gambled with the voting system do the decent thing, and those who voted to leave foot the bill this time?

You may not see really serious trouble coming, but as with the exchange rate, I and many others do see just that. Here in France the big discussion among the Europeans is how the English could be quite so naive as to think that Brussels would make this easy? Did they not recently watch Wolfgang Shäuble and the faceless ones publicly crucify the Greeks as a hard, hard lesson to others? They knew about Greek corruption when they let Greece join. They also knew that seriously wealthy Greeks had moved their funds out of Greece long before they were caught. It was generally the ordinary only slightly corrupt Greeks who were nailed to the wall. The Europeans who know are now saying that as the EU can't begin to afford to crumble, Bloody Boris is out of his mind. The EU will stamp on any cherry picking, they will stonewall all attempts to make leaving the EU easy. I believe they are right, I fear that Brexiters are mighty short on friends, things have been screwed far and wide, Japan started the dash from the pound early on Friday morning.

The best... No the ONLY hope is to sign the petition and demand that EU Article 50 is NOT invoked, make sure that our sloppy, dangerous politicians and government fully understands that they (whoever "they" might be) do NOT have a mandate to invoke Article 50. Then to get back around the table and work with the many others who agree that the EU has to be both fixed and restrained.

Topseyt Sun 26-Jun-16 19:07:56

I am getting more and more angry with the Brexiters (including my DH) when I watch the mess unfolding around us now, and the future of my daughters being systematically destroyed (one was applying for work within the EU itself in Brussels after finishing a degree in European languages and the other wants to apply to other European universities).

We now have absolute turmoil on a scale not seen before in our generation. The cabinet and shadow cabinet are both tearing each other apart, there is a leadership crisis at the top of both of the Labour and Conservative Parties, France now is making rumblings about wanting us to move our borders from Calais back to Dover or Folkestone (who can blame them), Scotland wants another independence referendum and may get it (good luck to them), Sinn Fein now want a referendum over a united Ireland. We also have complete dickheads now going up and screaming racial abuse at people in the street (even to people who have lived and worked in this country all of their lives), telling them go go back home because we have voted them out.

Well done Brexit (not). It must be a proud moment!!! To those of you who simply voted leave as a protest vote, not believing it would happen and we would still remain, there really are no words. You do not need many brain cells to see that yes, the vote might just carry. Why vote leave when you meant remain? Did you think your ballot paper would just magically say to the tellers at the count that you only wanted to kick the government and actually meant the opposite to what you were voting?

gremlintrees Sun 26-Jun-16 19:09:08

No I do not regret voting. I was VERY surprised after the threats and pressures (even told but also told not to say anything that voting leave would cost me my job) that my vote was actually counted. NOT surprised that there is going to be a second referendum but I will vote leave again. I love being a European and whether we leave or stay nothing will change that. I hope that the people will be listened to instead of the spin doctors, because I would hate for the far right to get more of a hold, but by increasingly being self serving and serving party sponsors rather than voters, mainstream parties are forcing the electorate down a very scary road. That I regret, my leave vote I do not regret. I also cherish the opinions and values of all those who voted differently to me. However, from what I can see and from talking to my European friends and relatives, the Union is not working and UK is not the only country wanting to leave, I would rather be the first out of a sinking ship than the last.

SallyAnne7300 Sun 26-Jun-16 19:09:27

At what point did I say 'immigrants' take our jobs. Read my post carefully and you will see that I'm very much pro immigration - controlled and inclusive immigration.

Knee jerk reactions are to be expected but blaming Brexit voters for job losses? Sorry but no.

If you feel the need to blame anyone blame the government. We have suffered major financisl crisis whilst being in EU thousands lost their jobs then and some are still paying for the price of that - who would you 'blame' for that?

Seriously stop with all the hate and blame especially directed at people who made a decision. I spoke to someone who voted remain because they thought if we left EU we wouldn't be able to play football in Europe?! Idiocy was on both sides of the debate.

If the result had gone the other way I would've just got on with it. As I have with every other vote that hasn't gone my way!! I actually don't think this will play out as expected I doubt there will be a Brexit - want to blame me for that too?

Seriously grow up and check your facts before hurling abuse at a fellow human - you don't know me my background or my journey in life - I have a right to vote as you do - we don't have to agree - that's life - I am happy I made an informed choice - a brave choice I can't be responsible for 17 million others who chose to vote the same way.

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 26-Jun-16 19:11:14

Evening folks. We're going to move this over to the referendum topic shortly.

emazinglol Sun 26-Jun-16 19:11:17

I am more angry with the people who didn't turn out to vote - unless of course they had a valid reason.
I voted remain and am sad at the result but it's time to suck it up and see what happens next. Be kind to yourself and if you ever need to vote again do a bit more research before putting the X in the box.

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