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OMG it's really happening (I think)

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CurlieWhirlie Fri 24-Jun-16 21:06:13

looks like we really are leaving:

How do we feel about this, scared, nervous, excited?

Trooperslane Fri 24-Jun-16 21:07:03

Have you been under a stone all day, op?!


CurlieWhirlie Fri 24-Jun-16 21:07:39

Excuse me??

Trooperslane Fri 24-Jun-16 21:09:57

Check the active threads. There's about a million.

PreAdvent13610 Fri 24-Jun-16 21:12:49

Yep the proletariat have won and we are leaving, big rock you have been under curlie
Why did so many people think this was a joke vote / practice run?

BettyDraper1 Fri 24-Jun-16 21:18:00

Have you really just found out? If so (maybe you were on a flight or something?), my answer is that im worried. I just wonder what the future holds for Europe as it seems to be fracturing all over the place and people are really divided. I'm worried that Europe may go to war with itself, literally or metaphorically.

CurlieWhirlie Fri 24-Jun-16 21:26:55

No I haven't just found out, I stayed up last night to watch the results come in. I didn't think the EU leaders would accept the UK leaving, that is what I am trying to say. I thought they would try to persuade us to stay in the EU.

StopShoutingAtYourBrother Fri 24-Jun-16 21:29:14

Really Curlie??? Really?

allegretto Fri 24-Jun-16 21:29:51

Curlie - that doesnt make any sense!

CurlieWhirlie Fri 24-Jun-16 21:32:27

Yes really. I didn't think they would want us to leave.

PreAdvent13610 Fri 24-Jun-16 21:34:25

For fucks sake this is not some teenage lovers tiff. This is big grown up stuff, we said we are leaving. We are divorcing the EU end of.
Grow up

CurlieWhirlie Fri 24-Jun-16 21:39:22

I don't think it is necessary to be so rude. This is politics at the end of the day and how do we know what to believe?

hesterton Fri 24-Jun-16 21:41:45

You sound like a Yr 11 given a coursework deadline who can't quite believe that she's missed it and failed the whole course.

hesterton Fri 24-Jun-16 21:42:21

Wailing that you assumed you'd get another chaaaaaannnccceee!!!!!

Whatslovegottodo Fri 24-Jun-16 21:43:53

Don't worry OP I had hoped that they may be able to over ride or some such as I heard that this was just an opinion poll really and the House of Lords could over rule it?! Don't get me wrong I agree with democracy but this is a terrible horrifying decision that has been made by the lied to masses, against the wish of almost all experts and the voted politicians amongst all parties.

CurlieWhirlie Fri 24-Jun-16 21:44:49

OK, I think I don't want to be insulted so I will end it there. Thank you.

Felco Fri 24-Jun-16 21:47:24

I can barely believe what I am reading here.
There was a fucking REFERENDUM and you thought that the result that people campaigned for for YEARS would somehow magically not happen?!

It's intolerable. We're utterly fucked!

TheNaze73 Fri 24-Jun-16 21:48:36

In other news, the Beatles have split up

PreAdvent13610 Fri 24-Jun-16 21:51:39

So have Bananarama

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