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Corbyn's Willy Wonka approach

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NewspaperTaxis Fri 24-Jun-16 11:44:56

There's a scene in Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka film, when a nasty spoilt brat is all set to liquidise himself in a chocolate vat or something, and his shrill parents are squealing at him not to do it. And Wonka joins in, but half-heartedly, mumbling a bit, 'No no, don't do it, please don't go near it...' almost inaudible.

That reminds me of Corbyn's approach to this Referendum debate. He wasn't that keen on the EU in the first place. He doesn't seem to be that keen to be leader of the Labour Party.

However, with the UK now leaving, there will be the Tories in disarray for the forseeable, a well respected PM quitting to leave Boris in charge (!), almost certainly an immediate recession as the UK seeks to put its house in order.

There was never any way that Corbyn could get a Conservative Prime Minister to resign was there?

Corbyn will get booted out, to be replaced by a shiny new Labour leader who would have opposed Leave and can then take advantage of the discontent sweeping the country in the short term, saying 'Look at these right-wing Tories in charge, they don't care about anyone.'

Job done.

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