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To point out that not ALL people who voted leave are racist

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EsmeraldaEllaBella Fri 24-Jun-16 08:47:13

I'd describe myself as extreme left. I voted leave because the EU's undemocratic. Today I wake up to ALL of my Facebook posting statuses about how they feel sick etc. all my friends are liberal, some of them would hate me if they knew. But if I was asked outright I'd probably be honest. I've made new friends recently who would definitely never speak to me again if they knew though. I feel like everyone who voted leave has been branded a racist. I feel uncomfortable that probably lots of them are sad I feel very uneasy being lumped in with them and might come to regret my decision

Posted this elsewhere but in need of some hand holding I think! Or maybe someone who feels the same way? Anyone?

EsmeraldaEllaBella Fri 24-Jun-16 08:48:22

That last word sad is supposed to be sad

Arkwright Fri 24-Jun-16 08:48:46

I totally agree with you. We are all uneducated and thick as well.

Cleanmachine Fri 24-Jun-16 08:49:02

OK but ALL racists voted leave. So you are in good company. Enjoy.

LostSoreConfused Fri 24-Jun-16 08:49:07

All the leave voters on my Facebook did so purely due to immigration.

Holowiwi Fri 24-Jun-16 08:50:22

The young have been screwed by this vote and they will suffer the most such a shame.

LittleLionMansMummy Fri 24-Jun-16 08:50:42

What Cleanmachine said. Congratulations, enjoy the country you've created.

rainbowpony Fri 24-Jun-16 08:51:22

It's not about thinking leave voters are racist. Not that at all. It's about being overwhelmingly disappointed in how short sighted and ill-informed leave voters are. Not a single, credible reason why leave is a good decision. OP, did you even do any research before casting your vote, or were you swept away by the propaganda? I'd be curious to hear how any leave voter justifies their decision backed up with data.

EdmundCleverClogs Fri 24-Jun-16 08:51:40

I said in a previous thread - no not all leavers are racist. I believe most are xenophobic, and by voting leave you (as a plural) are voting with the same right wing racist you say you are not. So it is inevitable you get tarred with the same brush.

Acardwithbigletters Fri 24-Jun-16 08:51:42

Yy cleanmachine.

Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin. You're in good company, enjoy.

HumphreyCobblers Fri 24-Jun-16 08:53:08

It is a waste of time pointing that out. There are no other reasons for voting leave apparently hmm I have been trying to point that out for the whole time and it has got me nowhere.

Apparently it doesn't matter about democracy as long as you are not racist.

I actually saw someone on here state they would PREFER to be in a benign dictatorship than a bad democracy. I find that viewpoint actually shocking but it appears it is shared by many.

DowagerDuchessofDenver Fri 24-Jun-16 08:53:18

Where I live, the majority of leave voters are racist. I know that doesn't mean all leave voters across the country are, but it doesn't help!

Dawndonnaagain Fri 24-Jun-16 08:54:13

Hmm, the EU is undemocratic. That would be because elected European Members, you know, those that were elected, Mr. Farage and his ilk, don't bother going to, or voting at meetings.
It's a nonsense that it's undemocratic, we send elected members to the European parliament, they vote on our behalf.

sonlypuppyfat Fri 24-Jun-16 08:55:27

People are sick of their communitys changing so much that they are no longer recognisable why can't people understand that

HumphreyCobblers Fri 24-Jun-16 08:55:42

To be honest, the remain campaign have so successfully positioned themselves as the only moral choice to make, that many people who voted leave didn't talk about it, as they couldn't face having to say 'I'm not a racist, but....."

It gave the remain camp the false impression that everyone who had half a brain agreed with them, when in fact they had just silenced their opponents in advance.

Oblomov16 Fri 24-Jun-16 08:56:26

Was almost 50-50 vote. 1/2 the population aren't racists.

Acardwithbigletters Fri 24-Jun-16 08:57:05

So translated, sonly, you mean there are now too many foreigners and people are threatened by it.

I don't understand that no.

I grew up in a traditionally very white area that now is almost exclusively populated by immigrants.

It's enriched the area, imho.

Times change.

KidLorneRoll Fri 24-Jun-16 08:58:52

Yup. People don't complain that all the uk civil service workers aren't elected.

Hypocrisy - or just plain ignorance - at it's finest.

KittyLaRoux Fri 24-Jun-16 08:59:18

I was surprised to see that a city local to me which has a very high population of none white british had a 54% leave vote.

It made me think about all the "leavers" are racist comments.
I am a little shell shocked and my brain cannot quiet process what has happened.

RaskolnikovsGarret Fri 24-Jun-16 09:00:44

The only Leave voters I know are racist. The French far right are thrilled and demanding their own referendum. Says it all really.

My eldest daughter is an exceptionally talented linguist, but has now said she will be doing science A levels rather than languages. A crying shame.

I'm devastated and feel that racist attacks are going to become more prevalent, because somehow we are now allowed to hate foreigners.

Helmetbymidnight Fri 24-Jun-16 09:02:40

You are far left but you don't see that the EU has been a massive force for social justice in this country? You don't accept that it is EU money that has helped deprived areas like Cornwall?

What do you think will happen if the jobs in the City of London move? You think people will be better off?

You are far left but you voted for the system wanted by Farage, Johnson, Gove, Trump, etc. etc.

I think the consensus among remainers is that most brexiters are thick or racist. Sorry OP.

BarbaraofSeville Fri 24-Jun-16 09:03:06

Not racist necessarily, but definitely Xenophobic. There is a difference that I hope I don't have to explain.

There is also the fact that the leave campaign was strongly built on lies and scaremongering and people fell for it sad.

RobinsAreTerritorialFuckers Fri 24-Jun-16 09:05:22

I have a friend, who is very intelligent and very left wing, who's saying the same thing.

But she's not not racist enough to vote in a way that gives support to racist politics.

It's like saying 'I'm not sexist, but I'll vote for this policy that screws over women'. Or 'I'm not homophobic, but I'll vote against gay rights in this instance.'

Sure, you might have other reasons for voting leave that racism, but racism didn't matter enough to you to vote remain.

EsmeraldaEllaBella Fri 24-Jun-16 09:08:30

The EU only votes on what unelected people decide to bring to the table. That isn't democratic I'm afriad.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Like I said, I'm extreme left wing, very well educated, keep good liberal company, I do my bit to raise money and awareness for Syria, Palestine, etc. I'm a good person

I thought that leaving something undemocratic could only be a good thing but it seems very chaotic this morning

WallisSimpson11 Fri 24-Jun-16 09:08:44

........But not a single racist voted REMAIN.

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