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GBP crash: does that mean the world thought it was a bad idea?

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loonymoony Fri 24-Jun-16 06:33:53

Title says it all really.

I'm genuinely concerned (my vote was remain).

Would the GBP have risen if the vote had been to stay? (I guess no one can say for sure)

Whatslovegottodo Fri 24-Jun-16 06:34:28

Yes! Every allied country that had an opinion felt it a bad idea sad

allegretto Fri 24-Jun-16 06:34:38


MardAsSnails Fri 24-Jun-16 06:37:24

No, it just means immediate reactions from countries who are currently trading at the time of the result

We won't know if it's an actual crash for a few days. Same as if sterling had risen - it wouldn't meant anything until people worldwide had heard more about what will actually be happening in the short term.

There was always going to be immediate aftermath. Give it a week, then we'll know more

Salene Fri 24-Jun-16 06:38:34

No it doesn't mean that, often things unstablise the market and there is s knee jerk reaction it will settle back out soon enough.

annandale Fri 24-Jun-16 06:39:04

Um yes, it does.

blinkowl Fri 24-Jun-16 06:40:30

Yes we can say for sure, pretty much.

When the polls yesterday seemed to show that we'd voted remain, the pound rose to a high - I forget how high exactly but more than we'd seen in years.

Then as soon it looked like we were going the other way it started sinking.

louisejxxx Fri 24-Jun-16 06:41:08

Yes the world thought it was a bad idea and most had clearly expressed so a while back. I suppose we all just have to pray it settles...because there's no guarantee it will.

IrenetheQuaint Fri 24-Jun-16 06:42:23

Yes, every other country had been saying for weeks that us leaving the EU was a bad idea and the markets have been tracking the opinion polls and rising when it looked like we would stay in.

neolara Fri 24-Jun-16 06:42:57


Thebigredcar Fri 24-Jun-16 06:43:52

Yes I think so. I'm shocked at the result I thought it would be close but I did think remain would win, I feel a little worried this morning.

SpringingIntoAction Fri 24-Jun-16 06:44:45

No. Toys out of pram stuff.

It's the final last attempt by the financial institutions at controlling us.

Look at who funded the Remain campaign. They are exacting their revenge because the British people refused to surrender themselves to their financial control.

Let's see if they pull out of the 5th largest economy n the world. I very much doubt it.

IAmTheWhoreOfBabylon Fri 24-Jun-16 06:44:48

Well every economist thought it was a bad idea too
The fear of immigrants won over
That and the idea we can be a bloody empire

Figgygal Fri 24-Jun-16 06:45:50

Yes they've been saying it for weeks and people seemingly chose to ignore it

meditrina Fri 24-Jun-16 06:45:51

Yes and no.

It could be.

But it's more likely to be following the typical pattern of reacting to change and perceived potential for instability. Markets don't like uncertainty.
As a short-term reaction, this is absolutely normal and I wouldn't read messages either way.

It's if it endures there's a judgement.

SpringingIntoAction Fri 24-Jun-16 06:47:54

Well every economist thought it was a bad idea too

Had you researched you would have found that only 80% of the 17% who bothered to respond to the invitation to comment backed the Government claim
You don't have to believe the propaganda any more

Alfieisnoisy Fri 24-Jun-16 06:48:35

Don't know the answer to your question OP but am not surprised by the result.
Sadly for every well read Leave voter there was also a knuckle dragging xenophobic racist too. All my family voted Leave....every single one of them except for me. Immigration is not an issue for any of them but other things were. I have deactivated FB this morning so I cannot retaliate to smug comments.

SpringingIntoAction Fri 24-Jun-16 06:50:07

That and the idea we can be a bloody empire

It's the EU that was creating an empire, sucking in more and more countries until one day it will try to suck up a country that Russia wants to maintain a firm hold on. What then? Use the EU's army that Juncker insists is necessary to "enforce EU foreign policy"

The whole idea that a trading organisation has or wants or needs an army is horribly sinister.

Backingvocals Fri 24-Jun-16 06:54:27

No. Toys out of pram stuff. It's the final last attempt by the financial institutions at controlling us.

That's not how foreign exchange markets work. Do you think there's some master institution deciding what sterling will trade at?

loonymoony Fri 24-Jun-16 06:55:06

Yes I agree re letting the dust settle.

Fecking scary stuff.

SpringingIntoAction Fri 24-Jun-16 06:56:24

I think that many of the financial institutions and agencies conspire. We know they do through the scandal of Libor fraud.

SpringingIntoAction Fri 24-Jun-16 06:57:21

U don't find this scary at all.

I feel more relaxed about the future than I have for years.

Mrsraypurchase Fri 24-Jun-16 07:01:21

The dust will settle. Other EU countries will follow our lead.

Justchanged Fri 24-Jun-16 07:10:13

Yes, it means they think it's a bad idea. Turning our back on our largest trading partners without a plan B (other than 'getting our country back') is not a good economic strategy. This is especially true in a country which spends much more than it earns and so has no room for manoeuvre. But anyway, who wants to listen to experts??

Backingvocals Fri 24-Jun-16 07:41:22

That's not how the Libor scandal happened either.

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