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Can we all please just grow the fuck up?

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Peppatina Fri 24-Jun-16 06:15:17

It's all getting a tad hysterical, no?

From the same people who are just yesterday calling for calm today whatever the result I'm now getting the most vile diatribe.

To hear them tell it over half those that voted are:

A) Poor or in shit jobs
B) Racists
C) Stupid and because they are less educated.
D) Old fogeys fucking up the country for the young'uns.

Is it that bloody hard to accept there were good reasons to vote EITHER way depending on your own circumstances.

The people who voted opposite to you aren't stupid because they came to a different conclusion than you did.

Honestly it's like the G.E all over again. Hatred and bile being spouted by people who are supposedly liberal and open minded but have no problem demonising half of the population and sneering at the less educated working class.

And I voted labour last election but was shocked by the reaction from my fellow losers.

holidaysarenice Fri 24-Jun-16 06:17:48

Well fucking said.

You won't all be sacked today and eat bread and water from this day forth.

Figgygal Fri 24-Jun-16 06:19:17

No I won't imminently be sacked but the house move our lives have been on hold over for the last 7 months is now down the toilet and I'm going to have to make homeless the tenants that were moving into our house when we vacated as we can't now leave. So yes actually mine and others peoples lives have been ruined by this TODAY

Peppatina Fri 24-Jun-16 06:25:25

I'm sorry about that Figgygal but I voted for what I think was right as I'm sure you and everyone else did.

There is no need to start treating the people who voted opposite to you as if they aren't even human.

If remain had won I would have been devastated and felt like my future and children's future was ruined. So I do understand the depth of feeling remainders are dealing with at the minute.

But the scathing and frankly vicious disgust shown towards working class or as I've heard it put 'stupid gutter press reading white van benefits man' has been awful.

gingerboy1912 Fri 24-Jun-16 06:27:31

Figgy why is your house move down the pan? Genuine question as I don't understand the link between the eu result and buy a home.

Whentheshipgoesdown Fri 24-Jun-16 06:28:24

If remain had won you would be devastated about your children's future?!!!

We are already in the EU. The social structure of the UK for the past 40 years has been predicated on being in the EU.

I think it's that sort of stuff which means we are so divided. I can't imagine for a second what about the status quo could devastate you.

exLtEveDallas Fri 24-Jun-16 06:28:47

Because the £ has plummeted.

howtorebuild Fri 24-Jun-16 06:32:47

I think sleep will help some.

notmaryberry Fri 24-Jun-16 06:33:05

I voted remain but could see some arguments for a Brexit as well, so I thought I'd be okay whatever the result but I'm not. I feel physically sick. I'm sure it'll calm down over the coming weeks and then we need to move forward but right now I'm scared.

Brokenbiscuit Fri 24-Jun-16 06:35:08

You won't all be sacked today and eat bread and water from this day forth.

No, I won't be sacked today but as a boss, I have been told that I'll have to make redundancies in the event of a leave vote. As the leave voters are so optimistic about the future, perhaps I should prioritise sacking those staff members who have told me that they voted leave?

Peppatina Fri 24-Jun-16 06:37:53

Yes when the ship goes down. My family business has been negatively affected by the eu. And despite people trying to point to numbers that say otherwise a blind man would have been able to see that my area has been negatively impacted by a wave of new and non integrating immigrants. I even posted about it.

BUT it doesn't really matter why any of us voted the way we did now does it? We just need to muck in and keep going, which is exactly what I'd have been doing if the opposite had happened.

I certainly wouldn't have been insulting remainers social status, or ascribing to them all horrible motives.

Peppatina Fri 24-Jun-16 06:39:03

Oh well....

Maybe the spite and venom will die down eventually.

dizzyfucker Fri 24-Jun-16 06:39:38

Oh dear! I think people should sleep. Emotions have been running high. Nothing much has changed except the alarming plummet of the pound but this is not the end of the world.

ceecee32 Fri 24-Jun-16 06:39:38

The people who are almost hysterical at the result have clearly been taken in by the scaremongering campaign.
It was inevitable that we will have a rocky time but things will balance.
I think it's quite exciting and that we have better times ahead.

DivaDroid Fri 24-Jun-16 06:39:51

I reckon most of Scotland is pretty upset. We've been shown again that what we want doesn't count. Britain is very divided atm.
DH works in the oil industry in Aberdeen, more payoffs were announced yesterday, we're expecting a hell of a lot more now.
Oil prices are beginning to rise, the £ is at an all time low against the $. Oil is dealt in $, as are the bits needed to drill. It's going to get even more expensive for fuel soon sad

GinIsIn Fri 24-Jun-16 06:42:50

We have also woken up to find the house we were in the middle of buying has gone down the drain, taking the thousands we already spent on solicitors, searches and surveys with it, and several of our friends are out of a job pretty much immediately. How exactly is my being incredibly upset by this 'a tad hysterical'?

Brokenbiscuit Fri 24-Jun-16 06:44:45

Maybe the spite and venom will die down eventually.

In a few decades perhaps. In the meantime, I imagine it will get much worse when people start to feel the negative effects.

Salene Fri 24-Jun-16 06:45:28

Diva this result has zero bearing on the job losses in Aberdeen and the oil industry , that's been on going for 2 years and predicted to keep going for another 18-24 months

The EU ref has no effect on it.

The subsea payoff annoyed yesterday have been planned for last 8 months.

Whentheshipgoesdown Fri 24-Jun-16 06:45:29

New and non integrating immigrants


Peppatina Fri 24-Jun-16 06:45:52

FenellaMaxwell you are absolutely right to be very upset by it.

I didn't make my vote in a vacuum I understood some people would be worse off either way.

It still doesn't mean anyone who is upset should be so bloody awful and stereotyping to anyone who voted different.

Brokenbiscuit Fri 24-Jun-16 06:46:38

The people who are almost hysterical at the result have clearly been taken in by the scaremongering campaign.

Or maybe they're right to be scared.

ceecee32 Fri 24-Jun-16 06:48:21

Or maybe they are just hysterical

Peppatina Fri 24-Jun-16 06:48:39

Yes whentheshopgoesdiwn?

Oh right, I mentioned the word 'immigrant'...

Naturally this makes me Enoch Powell and a knuckle dragging racist combined yes?

I can see why people voted remain, I nearly did myself. Is it that hard to acknowledge that genuine fears may have had an impact on someone's decision but that that doesn't make them a racist swivel eyed loon?

DivaDroid Fri 24-Jun-16 06:51:43

Perhaps Salene but the plummeting £ is not going to help at all. It will be much cheaper to get the equipment somewhere else now. The company my husband works for makes equipment for drilling. It's always been a bit more expensive to buy from the UK, now it's much more expensive. My friends who work in oil, or whose partners work in oil, were very concerned about Brexit.
Either way, we are a very small island in a very large world, where does this leave us now?

smallfox1980 Fri 24-Jun-16 06:53:52

Oh the scaremongering campaign. Good to know it was a load of bollocks.

Wait what's happened to the pound overnight?

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