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A victory for ordinary people!

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Surferjet Fri 24-Jun-16 04:49:18

So happy.

Acardwithbigletters Fri 24-Jun-16 04:49:45

I'm an ordinary person. Not a victory for me.

What a daft statement.

WordGetsAround Fri 24-Jun-16 04:50:37

A victory for democracy.

adrianna22 Fri 24-Jun-16 04:51:23

You don't know that for sure, so don't get too excited.

GinIsIn Fri 24-Jun-16 04:52:02

Are you fucking kidding? The pound has already dropped so low it's worth less than it was in the 80s. We've turned our currency into the Zimbabwe dollar. If it stays this low, people like you have just caused a depression worse than America saw in the 30s. Well done, glad you're happy.

BertrandRussell Fri 24-Jun-16 04:52:05

So half the population aren't ordinary?

PrettyDumb Fri 24-Jun-16 04:52:06

Ordinary people? Who?

CommanderShepard Fri 24-Jun-16 04:53:09

There are no winners here. None.

TheRollingCrone Fri 24-Jun-16 04:53:20

Oh great the £ the lowest in 35 years against the $. Fucking great.
Fuck, we just threw the baby out with the bath water.

3littlebadgers Fri 24-Jun-16 04:53:43

A victory for you means poverty for my family well done

milkbottle Fri 24-Jun-16 04:53:58

I voted remain. I must be extraordinary then!

blinkowl Fri 24-Jun-16 04:54:51

A victory for the neo-cons who have manipulated ordinary people to vote against their best interests.

Slow hand clap.

The pound is already tanking.

Say goodbye to prosperity, hello xenophobic, small minded isolation run by Tories who are going to sell it all off to the highest bidder.

Fucking great.

Lighteningirll Fri 24-Jun-16 04:54:52

It's time to listen when the majority are shouting leave there will be difficulties but people have spoken now and we can kiss goodbye to the bloated eurocrats and build a global trade position

Acardwithbigletters Fri 24-Jun-16 04:56:45

Barely a majority.

I'm ashamed to be British right now.

Chchchchangeabout Fri 24-Jun-16 04:57:29

It's not a victory for democracy is it though word? Cameron called the referendum to appease his party, not for democratic reasons.

PrimalLass Fri 24-Jun-16 04:57:48

Fuck off.

blinkowl Fri 24-Jun-16 04:58:58

we can kiss goodbye to

- workers rights
- human rights
- prosperity

"build a global trade position"

Ha de fucking ha. We just chucked that down the toilet.

The people we have in charge want us to be "more competitive". That mean lowering standards and exploiting ordinary people to the benefit of corporations.

Fucking idiotic.

This morning all we have learnt that the majority of the UK are easily swayed by spin. The arguments from the Leave camp were full of lies and spin, yet our population is apparently too fucking dim to see it.

ElleBellyBeeblebrox Fri 24-Jun-16 04:59:20

I'm an ordinary person, and fucking Nigel farage does not speak for me. I'm genuinely gutted.

Lighteningirll Fri 24-Jun-16 05:00:17

I'm proud that we live in a democracy, this is the downside sometimes you get a government, big decisions you wouldn't have taken or chosen for me it was twenty years of a Labour government, maybe it's brexit for you but to be ashamed to be British is incredibly small minded of you. Time to stop believing Project Fear.

ohdogoaway Fri 24-Jun-16 05:01:02

What primalass said.
So 48% of the population are not decent ordinary people according to your great leader Nigel Farage. I think those people who voted leave need to reconcile themselves to what they have voted for.

rosie1959 Fri 24-Jun-16 05:01:14

A victory for ordinary people ?
Let's just hope these ordinary people can sort the country out as the financial markets plunge !

Surferjet Fri 24-Jun-16 05:02:37

More than 50% of the U.K. have voted to leave, that's democracy.
I'll never understand Scotland though? they wanted independence from us but voted to stay in the EU? confused

GinIsIn Fri 24-Jun-16 05:02:39

build a global trade position?!?!!? Yeah. Because that's going to happen when our currency is now worth NOTHING.

allegretto Fri 24-Jun-16 05:02:53

It's not democrscy in action when the result is so close snd so many people were disenfranchised.

Acardwithbigletters Fri 24-Jun-16 05:03:32

I am ashamed.

I've been looking at Twitter all nights. Despite claims from the Leave camp that They Aren't Racist, almost every tweet supporting Brexit is at best xenophobic, at worst openly racist.

So yes I'm ashamed. Utterly ashamed.

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