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Won't the is be the end of the UE either way?

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sandrabedminster Thu 23-Jun-16 22:01:06

As other countries will want their own ref. All its takes is one big country out and it will crumble surely?

bkgirl Thu 23-Jun-16 22:22:56

Yep. Too many have caught on what started as a great idea went wrong at the Lisbon Treaty.

GhostofFrankGrimes Thu 23-Jun-16 22:25:39

As other countries will want their own ref.

will they?

sandrabedminster Thu 23-Jun-16 22:27:36

I'd imagine so, discontent with the EU is rife. Why should only one country get to choose?

shinytorch2 Thu 23-Jun-16 22:28:24

Or the euro will collapse in the next 5 years.....

sandrabedminster Thu 23-Jun-16 22:47:03

I give it three

EnthusiasmDisturbed Thu 23-Jun-16 22:57:35

Not the end but I think there will be changes especially if the vote is close

And many people in other countries are calling for a referendum

It is only a few weeks ago it was predicted the turnout would be low and remain would easily win how things have changed in the last month

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