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David Cameron mocks Nigel Farage over 'poncey, foreign-sounding' name

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thatway Thu 23-Jun-16 20:02:48

David Cameron mocks Nigel Farage over 'poncey, foreign-sounding' name

Prime minister pokes fun at Ukip leader in Commons, when praising Labour MP for pronouncing name ‘Farridge’


shinytorch2 Thu 23-Jun-16 20:07:18

Cameron is a Bullingdon Boy Bully

thatway Thu 23-Jun-16 20:07:47

BTW I've posted the above because I don't think Cameron should have made the comment.

shinytorch2 Thu 23-Jun-16 20:10:37

I'm no fan of Farage but Cameron is meant to be a role model

PresidentCJCregg Thu 23-Jun-16 20:11:07

Class to the last gasp, Dave hmm

BlunderWomansCat Thu 23-Jun-16 20:15:46

Typical DC behaviour hmm

MrsHathaway Thu 23-Jun-16 20:16:06

He's always Niggle Farridge in this house.

Lico Thu 23-Jun-16 20:21:39

I think that Farage is a Huguenot surname; a French Protestant refugee. Correct me if I am wrong.

bkgirl Thu 23-Jun-16 20:46:54

Bullingon bully.

squoosh Thu 23-Jun-16 21:03:35

I'm happy for them to trade insults (I'm sure Nige had a riposte)

Leave 'em to it I say.

Letmehaveausername Thu 23-Jun-16 21:05:18

Nice to know how mature our PM is.

MooPointCowsOpinion Thu 23-Jun-16 21:24:22

Isn't poncey a bit of a LGBQT slur?

RortyCrankle Thu 23-Jun-16 23:03:16

Cameron has made himself look even more ridiculous, if that were possible, by making these childish, snarky comments.

MrsHathaway Fri 24-Jun-16 00:46:25

I think poncy means "common trying to be posh" like Hyacinth Bucket.

PrettyDumb Fri 24-Jun-16 01:01:23

Didn't he slag off Corbyn's suit too?

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