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Final ComRes poll shows Large lead for Remain

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HollyGoeslightly Thu 23-Jun-16 00:56:46

I personally feel gutted, I thought we might have a chance at leaving.

Somerville Thu 23-Jun-16 01:00:07

It's only one poll. Others say different.

Though personally it would be great for me if this is the result as then I won't lose my livelihood. smile

HollyGoeslightly Thu 23-Jun-16 01:02:56

I understand Somerville. I guess we all have our own reasons for voting leave or remain. I certainly wouldn't want you to lose your livlihood though.

Somerville Thu 23-Jun-16 01:53:10

Yeah, we all have our reasons. smile

Most important thing, I know deep down, is that the whole country accepts the vote of the majority and gets in with making the best of whatever that is.
but can't sleep for selfish worrying about work ARRGH

TendonQueen Thu 23-Jun-16 01:59:14

I don't know about large, it's not as large as I'd like. But as has been said, the best result all round will come from as many people as possible voting. I heard turnout is expected to be high and I hope it is.

TendonQueen Thu 23-Jun-16 01:59:58

Oh, and I'm really not sure about polls these days..

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 23-Jun-16 02:00:48

I think that's about right. If the don't knows now know, dh and I always thought they would stick with remain I.e. The status quo.

I'll be disappointed too op, but try and look on the bright side.

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