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IamSlavetotheEU Wed 22-Jun-16 12:52:20

just how little power we have and how much its changed since signing up.

Even back in 1973 when we first joined the EEC we didn’t have a veto over every new law proposed in Brussels. Some laws required a unanimous vote of the Council of the European Union, meaning any member state could veto them. Others could be passed by a majority vote. The 1975 government pamphlet urging us to vote ‘Yes’ tried to gloss over this inconvenient fact by using the weasel word ‘important’ – ‘No important new policy can be decided in Brussels’. But each time more countries join the European Union and another treaty is passed – each one bringing us closer to a United States of Europe – the number of laws deemed ‘important’ enough to require a unanimous vote gets smaller and smaller.

Photosythesis Wed 22-Jun-16 12:59:01

Already posted - and discussed - here

eyebrowse Wed 22-Jun-16 13:14:32

We do have power over our own laws in the UK and recently we have voted in a government that has

plunged more children into poverty
supported fracking (causing earthqualkes and risking polluting the water table) over green energy
reduced access to justice via legal aid

I'm pleased there is another organisation that can influence our lives.

IamSlavetotheEU Wed 22-Jun-16 13:19:27

eye how can you say that?!

I voted for Blair and I hang my head in utter shame, the gap between poor and rich really grew under his reign, he shafted us all then with not restricting working rights.
His parliament was only obsessed with Fox hunting rights.

Do you think poverty suddenly happens? Its sudden in some cases ( loss of job, missed mortgage repayments) but over usually a decline, a decline in the poorest in our societies funds. Blair laid the foundations for this. I will never forget a bbc1 program about child poverty under Blair.

Like Frank Field said - Vote leave for the poor, find compassion.

legal aid was also reduced under Labour actually and I agree we need legal aid back.

IamSlavetotheEU Wed 22-Jun-16 13:20:05

Thanks photo blush

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