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Project Fear: if we leave the EU there will be a recession

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purits Wed 22-Jun-16 11:21:14

We had are still having a recession in 2008. While we were in the EU.
Project Fear want us to believe that recessions only happen outside the EU - plain bunkum. Have you noticed also that despite the recession we are still here and functioning. It's not the end of civilisation, like Project Fear would have you believe.

However if you want total meltdown, ask the Greeks what that feels like. I don't see EU membership offering them much solace.

BritBrit Wed 22-Jun-16 11:24:17

more scaremongering, all of the so called 'experts' e.g. the IFM, Institute of Fiscal Studies, OECD not only get EU funding, many are also responsible for bailing out Greece. The 1 risk is tariffs but the EU-UK trade deficit is heading for £100 billion a year in the EU's favour, tariffs will never ahppen

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