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Can I take my postal vote to polling station?

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starry0ne Wed 22-Jun-16 08:06:32

I really have meant to post my vote for days and forgot it every time I leave the house..Not even sure it will make it there now...Can I take it into polling station on Thursday?

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 22-Jun-16 08:07:08

yes, no problem smile

Seeline Wed 22-Jun-16 08:09:13

Give it in its envelope to the Presiding Officer though - don't put it in the box - it will muck up their figures

starry0ne Wed 22-Jun-16 09:29:36

Thank you. I do always try and vote but it has taken me so long to decide which way to vote..Even now still not convinced but will go with my vote.

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