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Lord Heseltine thinks we'll join the euro!

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shinytorch2 Tue 21-Jun-16 22:51:11

Thankfully Hezza's not in charge, but Cameron must be fuming!

Spinflight Wed 22-Jun-16 03:16:56

One does often wonder whether certain mouthpieces have been stuffed with gold.

Might explain the £5 billion per year that the EU cannot account for.

KateInKorea Wed 22-Jun-16 04:36:39

What a plonker. Not in his life-time anyway.

Though I do think that if the Euro was renamed the "Pound" or the "Brittania" that most british people would be happy to join regardless of anything else.

CoolforKittyCats Wed 22-Jun-16 05:33:59

I can't imagine the Remain spin team were very impressed

Calamara Wed 22-Jun-16 10:28:14

It is a logical argument. We are the only country with an exemption from ever closer union. Being in the EU, but the only country outside the the Euro would be a pretty lonely place. It is not something I want, but there are only two places worth being - fully in or fully out.

With regards to the use of Imperial measurements within the EU (also mentioned in the article) it was the US that successfully negotiated flexibility where the UK failed. Thank you America.

Brussels had forgotten that Imperial measurements are international, ancient in origin and based on the human body. France too used imperial measurements once. I remember visiting rural farmers markets in southern France in the 80s, where old women sold their produce in livre using hand held scales. They were so wrinkled, bent over and toothless that they had a mystique about them, as if they had been alive long enough to remember pre-Napoleonic France. The EU has run rough shod over that France as much as it has over aspects of life in Britain.

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