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Referendum TV debate

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WalrusGumboot Tue 21-Jun-16 21:01:18

Is anyone else watching? I just switched it on.

beeny Tue 21-Jun-16 21:02:12

I am watching.

WalrusGumboot Tue 21-Jun-16 21:05:36

I looked for another thread but couldn't see one. I've been avoiding things like this but apparently this is the 'big debate' so thought I'd give it a go. I think it's unlikely to change my mind though.

harridan50 Tue 21-Jun-16 21:05:44

Me too. Impressed by Ruth Davidson

fryingtoday Tue 21-Jun-16 21:07:39

Talk about lively!!! Remain seem obsessed by Boris.

Maursh Tue 21-Jun-16 21:08:16


Wish Sadiq Khan would shut up. Hogging remain debate and sounds so thick.

WalrusGumboot Tue 21-Jun-16 21:09:24

Agree. Sadiq annoying me already.

GingerCuddleMonsterThe2nd Tue 21-Jun-16 21:10:55

It's an absolute farce, but I'm still watching grin

ipsogenix Tue 21-Jun-16 21:12:26

I'm watching.

fryingtoday Tue 21-Jun-16 21:12:38

Know what you mean Ginger. Car crash telly ....

shinytorch2 Tue 21-Jun-16 21:12:47

The ITV debate was much better. This is too bitty, like a reality show.

OrangesandLemonsNow Tue 21-Jun-16 21:13:26

Too much showboating by both sides.

fryingtoday Tue 21-Jun-16 21:14:19

They all have their set sound bites and roll them out regardless of question. Sigh.

CoolforKittyCats Tue 21-Jun-16 21:14:21

Too much going off point Frances O'Grady especially and Boris.

AnnPerkins Tue 21-Jun-16 21:15:25

I just find every soundbite really jarring now - from both sides. I think I've heard enough.

Roll on Thursday!

ElleBellyBeeblebrox Tue 21-Jun-16 21:17:02

I'm watching. Not liking Andrea too much.

jellyjiggles Tue 21-Jun-16 21:18:04

I'm watching. Both sides are as bad as each other! Neither has plans, facts or management of their chosen outcome. Both are twisting the others arguments to cause confusion.

Boris and Sadiq need to grow up! This isn't a university colleges debate. It's a politically altering decision affecting every one in this country and their both proving to be disrespectful to their electorate.

The way I see it is we're basically voting to have a say on EU immigration numbers but with a high chance of recession.

Or we sign up to open borders with the trade security of Europe.

It's a nightmare!

WalrusGumboot Tue 21-Jun-16 21:19:14

DP shouting at the TV is adding a certain frisson to proceedings. grin

ipsogenix Tue 21-Jun-16 21:19:58

The soundbites and endless repeating of "control" is really patronising isn't it?

I was so glad to see David Cameron giving that speech today, uninterrupted finally, so that we could actually think about what he was saying.

littledrummergirl Tue 21-Jun-16 21:20:01

I'm a bit behind, had it paused to watch when we got home. Sadie Khan is annoying me, He is constantly trying to make the debate personal and accusing people of lying without backing that statement with facts.
Ruth Davidson needs to have her mike turned off when she isn't speaking as her constant interruptions are driving us nuts.
The remain team are asking questions of leave that they should be asking the Prime Minister- what are the contingency plans?

StrawberryLeaf Tue 21-Jun-16 21:20:38

I love Ruth Davidson. Hate the conservatives. She's doing really well, otherwise it's just a lot of points scoring

petitpois55 Tue 21-Jun-16 21:21:04

Ah yes Andrea. Did you know she was a mum? cos she never mentions itgrin

ElleBellyBeeblebrox Tue 21-Jun-16 21:23:38

She's not is she? I'd never have known. The politicians fake smile is vexing me, and there's been lots of shouting at the TV here tonight too.
600k donations from BNP members, and they wonder why people think they're racist hmm

ipsogenix Tue 21-Jun-16 21:23:47

I'm loving Ruth Davidson too. :-)

I wish the leave people would stop saying take back control.

ElleBellyBeeblebrox Tue 21-Jun-16 21:24:52

I just can't take Boris seriously. He's like a Beano character.

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