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Can Wetherspoons beer mats stop wavering leavers bottling out?

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Millyonthefloss2 Tue 21-Jun-16 11:05:07

Have you seen the new Wetherspoons beer mats? Democracy leads to prosperity and freedom

Can Tim Martin's beer mats really encourage hesitating leavers to go out and vote?

Limer Tue 21-Jun-16 15:38:49

I'm a Wetherspoons regular grin

I think Yes. The core customers are solid Leavers, but not all of them were planning on voting until Tim Martin started his campaigning. They're all voting now, and I'd say the great majority will vote Leave.

squoosh Tue 21-Jun-16 15:49:44

How do you know they're all voting??

Limer Tue 21-Jun-16 16:03:19

I asked them all grin

No, I didn't. But that's what the ones I have asked have said.

(Cue smartarse comment, "The plural of anecdote is not data")

squoosh Tue 21-Jun-16 16:05:28

Well there are a lot of Wetherspoons' up and down the UK. Was curious as to your confidence that all customers were voting Leave.

Limer Tue 21-Jun-16 16:19:46

I think the Wetherspoons demographic is fairly standard throughout the UK. But this is my personal opinion only, I've visited many branches, but nowhere near all of them!

Millyonthefloss2 Wed 22-Jun-16 00:00:42

Each Wetherspoons has a unique bespoke carpet.

LikeDylanInTheMovies Wed 22-Jun-16 00:29:07

U think this literature has had an effect on me.

Whenever I go into a Wetherspoons I have an instant overwhelming urge to leave.

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