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What are your plans for thus / Friday?

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sandrabedminster Tue 21-Jun-16 08:29:23

Is it worth staying up overnight with snacks?

Or is it just a wait till 10pm, get the exit poll. Then get up early?

Anyone know what time the results are expected to come in?

toomuchtooold Tue 21-Jun-16 09:06:35

There's a quite good Independent article with a lot of the detail on it.

There's no exit poll this time unfortunately (although I read somewhere that some hedge funds have commissioned exit polls on the day (all legal as long as it remains confidential) so they can trade based on the likelihood of Brexit. So if you see big/sudden moves in the value of the pound on Thursday, probably someone know something...) they think they'll be able to project the result by about 3 or 4am.

I'm planning on staying up or at least sleeping on the sofa with the telly on low. I find it fascinating. I've lived all over the UK as well so there's a bunch of places that I want to see how they vote.

RedToothBrush Tue 21-Jun-16 09:34:54

I'm going to stay up.

I know someone observing at a local count. They have a rough prediction of what the result in the area is likely to be. The turnout and how far out in either direction that result is, will probably give a big clue to what will happen nationally (its normally a bell weather area for GEs).

I will be watching the betting odds with great interest on Thursday too. I expect one side to come crashing down if there is a clear pattern. I'll be looking for movement on the pound and the financial markets too.

The result is due at 6 / 7am.

I dread to think, what's going to happen if it stays really close.

PassTheCremeEggs Tue 21-Jun-16 09:46:29

Definitely staying up. Have taken day off work on Friday in preparation! I couldn't just wake up to the result on Friday morning - such an anticlimax. I want to see it all happen!

IamSlavetotheEU Tue 21-Jun-16 10:13:19

its history in the making and will be the legacy we leave to our children.

I am going away however and need sleep grin but I am working out if I can record it some how.

so they will know about 3 am?? so when we wake up friday we will know?

RortyCrankle Tue 21-Jun-16 16:31:26

I will stay up for as long as I am able on Thursday. On Friday I will either drink the bottle of champagne i have in the refrigerator if Out win or if we lose, I shall pour it down the sink. Obviously hoping for the former and having a hangover which I haven't had for years decades.

If we remain I shall be bitterly disappointed after having waited so long for a referendum, then I shall get on with what's left of my life whilst trying to ignore what is happening in the EU.

PinkBuffalo Tue 21-Jun-16 18:49:25

I also booked Friday off work to stay up Thursday night! So glad someone else has as everyone around me thinks I am v.v. Strange

sandrabedminster Wed 22-Jun-16 11:48:24

I'd totally book the day off if I was working Friday.

Think I'm going to bed at 11, but get up about 3-4

toomuchtooold Wed 22-Jun-16 15:21:17

Rorty I thought the champagne was such a good idea that I went and bought some of my own although mine will only be drunk if yours is going down the sink, IYSWIM. Hilariously enough it was in the German supermarket where they label the fizzy wine "Sekt" (for the German stuff) and everything else including champagne is labelled "Internationaler Sekt". Like champagne would be some sort pale French imitation of the proper German stuff...

ExitPursuedByBear Wed 22-Jun-16 15:29:15

I'll stay up until the early results are in - I think my area is due in about 1am so I might wait and see what happens here.

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 22-Jun-16 15:31:07

I'll stay up for a bit I think.

toomuch to be fair champagne is just fizzy wine made in the Champagne region of France, it's not necessarily better than other fizzy wines although obviously it totally is

SemiNormal Wed 22-Jun-16 16:08:58

I'm staying up all night.... then it will be a case of quickly arranging some kind of celebration or spend a month crying and the rest of my life worried about the future.

YourPerception Wed 22-Jun-16 16:13:09

I will stay on the sofa with the tv on low.

sandrabedminster Wed 22-Jun-16 16:14:29

toomuch to be fair champagne is just fizzy wine made in the Champagne region of France, it's not necessarily better than other fizzy wines although obviously it totally is

It isn't if you spend the same price. A cheap champagnes is often far inferior than a s w of the same price.

Sussex has some great sw.

I'll be crying and worrying for the future if it doesn't go my way. I hope it won't be another huge diaspointment lkkw the ge.

RortyCrankle Wed 22-Jun-16 16:32:54

It's a shame one of us is going to be disappointed toomuch sad.

If champagne is just fizzy wine, why have I spent a bloody fortune on a good bottle? I'm banking on drinking it and not pouring it down the sink so Out had better win smile

NapoleonsNose Wed 22-Jun-16 16:55:50

I'm planning on staying up. Both DC who have now finished exams are wanting to stay up too. I love watching election coverage but this is even more important and historic. I've booked Friday off work too. The only spanner in the works is that I have to pick my mum up to take her to hospital for 7am for an op, so might stay up till 11 ish, go to bed, then get up again around 4. Have to leave the house just after 6 but hope to listen to the final result live on the radio. Anyone know which station should be best? I'm guessing Radio 4.

oldharrysgame Wed 22-Jun-16 19:36:26

Might spend Friday with thousands of others making a serious effort to apply for Irish citizenship for myself and family. I want my dad to have the freedom of movement and study that I had. And if getting eu citizenship back that way is the only way then so be it.

Tootle10 Wed 22-Jun-16 19:39:50

I have a 5 month DS wh wakes up every hour so I'm hoping one of our wake ups will coincide with the result wink

toomuchtooold Thu 23-Jun-16 15:10:34

It isn't if you spend the same price. A cheap champagnes is often far inferior than a s w of the same price. Sussex has some great sw.

We went to Bolney estate a couple of years ago (DH and I took a cheeky wee day off while the kids were in nursery.) Very nice sparkling wine.
Usually drink Cremant d'Alsace these days - we actually live in a wine area here in Germany, but I'm still trying to overcome my prejudices grin

I wonder if I'm going to make it all the way to the finish tonight? They say 3/4am for the result, which is 5am for me (ouch).

sandrabedminster Thu 23-Jun-16 22:00:00

I think I might have been to the same place, but quite a while ago. Apparently the growing conditions in Sussex are the same now as the champagne region during its hayday.

I was supposed to have a nap earlier, but didn't manage it. Not sure if I should try an 11-2 sleep.

I feel sick.

toomuchtooold Fri 24-Jun-16 04:58:27

I've Ben napping in and off all night. Looks like you'll be getting the champagne tonight rorty.

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