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Are you not voting despite...

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Spinflight Tue 21-Jun-16 03:57:12

leaning towards one side or the other..

I've been surprised to meet lots of people who say they will not vote despite preferring a side.

Seems that on the remain side people are worried about the strength of feeling that they are voting against. One chap told me he had always somewhat supported the EU but that there would be troubles if we stayed in.

Another that his dad would have disowned him if he were still alive as he'd flown Halifax bombers in ww2.

Similar thing on the leave side. A chap who worked in pharmaceuticals who was worried about the impact on his job.

Also quite a few who say they just can't get their heads around it all or who don't want the responsibility of voting or being conned.

Apparently most ukip members are people who voted to join the EU and have regretted it ever since.

Tootsiepops Tue 21-Jun-16 04:10:41

I'm not voting for the first time ever (in twenty years).

I think I'm in the remain camp, but tbh, my mum died a few weeks ago and Ive found it really difficult to give a shit about any of it.

I'm usually hugely politically engaged, but haven't bothered researching either side's arguments so I will abstain on this occasion due to lack of awareness on the issues.

TooMuchMNTime Tue 21-Jun-16 09:54:20

Yes I started a thread about it
I always vote but there's a bit of me that just wants to stand aside on this.

RortyCrankle Tue 21-Jun-16 16:24:47

If people don't wish to be involved in the most important vote in a lot of people's lives, that is their choice. I dob't understand why you would not want to have a say but if you don't vote then please don't bitch and moan about the result if it's one with which you disagree after the event.

RabbitSaysWoof Tue 21-Jun-16 16:34:33

It's occurred to me not to bother because I am quite busy Thursday and I don't think my single vote will make that much difference. But I will find the time.
I don't think I could be arssed trying to pick a side at this late stage I would just sit on the fence and watch it play out if I were still undecided, there's no point voting for the sake of saying you voted IMO.

GipsyDanger Tue 21-Jun-16 16:37:29

I'm not voting. I'll have to accept what my English overlords want my country to do anyway so what's the point.

TooMuchMNTime Tue 21-Jun-16 17:48:05

Rorty " dob't understand why you would not want to have a say but if you don't vote then please don't bitch and moan about the result if it's one with which you disagree after the event."

Why would anyone do that? If there's a result they disagree with then they just need to vote.

RortyCrankle Tue 21-Jun-16 17:54:10

Well I agree TooMuch but if they don't vote then I personally don't see how they can complain at the outcome but I bet you they will.

Every vote counts

TooMuchMNTime Tue 21-Jun-16 18:47:55

Rorty, I know people who don't vote but they never complain about the outcome because that would be crazy! In this particular case it would be even more so, but the non voters I know are voting this time.

mumeeee Tue 21-Jun-16 22:48:43

This is probably the most important vote in history and will affect the rest of our and our children's lives.
It is important that people use their vote.

bkgirl Tue 21-Jun-16 22:54:53

Shocked, I actually thought Sadiq wouldn't think like this. Very disappointing.
"Sadiq Khan’s musings on Turkish accession to the EU make interesting reading in the light of the current situation. It’s an unusual argument – Khan claims that if Turkey is not allowed to join then Brussels would be discriminating against Muslims:

“Muslims across Europe will see the question for Turkish admission to the EU as a clear test of European inclusion. If the door is slammed shut it will be understood by 20 million Muslim citizens of the EU that the basis of the decision to treat Turkey differently to new members like Bulgaria or Romania has been made on the basis that Europe is a “Christian Club”. Some will see this as a clear indication that Muslims can never be a part of the story of Europe or the West. That will undermine everybody working to say that of course one can be British, European and Muslim, or French, European and Muslim.”
The use of the phrase “Christian club” pejoratively is interesting to say the least…"

Haggisfish Tue 21-Jun-16 22:59:14

I get quite angry with people who don't vote. If you don't feel well enough informed, fucking infirm yourself. There's enough well balanced stuff out there (simple politics website). People died so we could vote. Shit loads of women are not allowed to vote across the world. There's no excuse. Grrrrrr.

Winterbiscuit Tue 21-Jun-16 23:31:29

Khan claims that if Turkey is not allowed to join then Brussels would be discriminating against Muslims

If Khan would like all races, religions and cultures to be equally represented, which seems fairest, then surely the options are either 1. allow all countries around the world to join the political union if they wish (and change its name), or 2. leave the EU and have equality between migrants from anywhere in the world instead of prioritising those from within the EU above those from other continents and non-EU nations. FWIW, option 2 seems the more open-minded to me.

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