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leaflets through the post today

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thereareworsethingsicoulddo Mon 20-Jun-16 12:33:33

Just curious really, DH and I each a received a different leaflet through the post this morning.
Mine is a vote remain poster, his is a vote leave 'fact' sheet. His says on the front, 'he is someone who cares about public services' (he's a policeman and I work for a corporate company).
Mine has my name printed as part of the headline.
So have they been clever and targeted us specifically due to occupation or did all couples get one of each this morning?

RedToothBrush Mon 20-Jun-16 13:40:45

They are definitely targeting groups differently. They also do this at the general election.

I suppose this makes a difference from being ignored completely and only targeting DH which is also common. As I obviously am not important (and yes I do take notice of which fuckers do this to me and yes this has affect my vote in the past. Take note campaign managers!).

They won't know about your occupations. They will know your name, age and gender. And something about the area you live in, in order to target you. People's occupations are often typical of the area they live in, much more than you might realise.

Election leaflets piss me off greatly for the love of stereotyping. As well as the 'factually challenged' content.

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