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UK and EU authorities refuse FOI request to release information about who has been lobbying them on the referendum and related issues and what they might have said?

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bkgirl Sun 19-Jun-16 02:39:49

This secrecy is so undemocratic and well...a bit shady. Shouldn’t we all be as well-informed as possible about the interactions behind-the-scenes between lobby groups and decision-makers?
Under UK freedom of information rules, CEO wanted to find out a couple of things. Firstly, how a handful of financial industry lobby groups (which feature in our recent UK finance lobby firepower report) have been lobbying on the UK referendum and the EU-level negotiations which proceeded it; and secondly how the same groups have been lobbying the UK government on the EU’s Capital Markets Union. The CMU is a sweeping agenda for deregulation intended mainly to expand the trade in “securities”, the very financial products that played a key role in causing the financial crisis of 2008, and which are very dominant in the UK’s City of London. The CMU itself could even be seen as a sweetener to the UK, to maintain its EU membership.

bkgirl Sun 19-Jun-16 02:42:10

I think we need transparency and clear information.True information not misleading announcements.

Patapouf Sun 19-Jun-16 03:00:45

You get to have your say next week.

I have literally run out of fucks to give about the referendum

bkgirl Sun 19-Jun-16 03:03:59

LOL Patapouf then stop torturing yourself by looking at the EU ref threads smile
I know what you mean but it's the responsiblity of getting it right for our kids that drives us.
Personally, I just freaked out at the thought of the euro army and national service. I detest wars, guns, violence and my son is 16. It just terrifies me.

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