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Guess who said about government Brexit numbers They are made up

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claig Sat 18-Jun-16 21:09:14

"Steve Hilton on government Brexit numbers…

“They are made up. I know because I used to do that stuff”.

It was "Cameron's Brain", Steve Hilton, his former guru adviser.

claig Sat 18-Jun-16 21:13:49

What else do they "make up"?

Please don't answer or the thread will break the 1000 post limit within minutes.

SilverBirchWithout Sat 18-Jun-16 21:13:52

Please desist from campaigning.

Or did you not get the message that all campaigning has been put on hold until tomorrow to show respect to Jo Cox and her friends and family.

claig Sat 18-Jun-16 21:15:54

I am not campaigning. I am not a politician and am not affiliated to any campaign.

TrojanWhore Mon 20-Jun-16 08:07:29

The 'facts' are all too opaque.

What particularly irritates me is the amount of 'remain' campaign material presented as 'simply giving the facts' (it's been happening a lot over the weekend, regardless of campaign moratorium)

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