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UKIP poster turns out to be copied off the Nazis!

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BeakyMinder Sat 18-Jun-16 01:28:40


Oh and also it turns out that Nigel Farage has been campaigning for Leave with the EDL (they're violent far-right fascists for those who don't know them)!

Is it just me or is British politics starting to feel dark and scary?

YourPerception Sat 18-Jun-16 01:35:42

It's no great surprise really. NF is not in the official leave campaign and campaigning is suspended.

BeakyMinder Sat 18-Jun-16 01:45:07

The poster was unveiled to the media Thursday morning ... before Jo Cox was killed and campaigning was suspended?

And Farage has reportedly been offered a job in the government if Leave win

Globetrotter100 Sat 18-Jun-16 06:01:44

For anyone unfamiliar, is one of the 3 charities that are part of Jo Cox's donation fund.

They are a charity that works to provide a positive antidote to hatred in politics. I'd strongly recommend anyone check their website general; for the Farage article, and for the article about Jo Cox's life, beliefs and what she working so hard to change.

It only takes a minute or so to read so I really hope as many people as possible can find the time to do that. Thank you very much.

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