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Political stability post referendum whether we remain or brexit?

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shinytorch2 Mon 13-Jun-16 16:35:54

With the Tories ripping themselves apart and many speculating just how long Cameron can survive whether we Brexit or not, it looks like the Labour party are getting in on the act with renewed whisperings of plots to get rid of Corbyn.

YourPerception Mon 13-Jun-16 18:28:09

It doesn't surprise me.

YourPerception Mon 13-Jun-16 18:31:56

I voted for JC because I thought he was authentic. He sold out over the EU. I wouldn't cry if there was a takeover.

BreakingDad77 Tue 14-Jun-16 14:13:15

Its all changed since people stopped blaming central government for not improving services and taking money off disabled people so that rich people could have the tax breaks 'they need' and started saying its the immigrants fault (even though they contribute more than they claim).

Labour are seen as the 'immigrant' party, and they sadly aren't going to be getting back anytime soon. Well not until priti patel etc have started taking away all this employee 'red tape' and with no immigrants to blame those chickens come home to roost in 10-15 yrs time.

RedToothBrush Tue 14-Jun-16 17:10:43

We are screwed.
Whatever the result.
Too much has been stirred up.
None of it good.

shinytorch2 Tue 14-Jun-16 18:53:15

It's a bit of a hornet's nest for both the Tories and Labour...I agree, redtoothbrush too much stirring up of the status quo.

Politics has been well and truly shaken up!

Winterbiscuit Tue 14-Jun-16 23:36:01

Why, if Corbyn values workers' rights and womens' rights, doesn't he get himself into No.10 and deal with what he thinks needs doing, instead of pretending we need the EU?

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