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Servant class ramp up the hysteria in last bid to stop the people voting Brexit

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claig Sat 11-Jun-16 16:18:09

Now it's getting desperate. The Establishment is reeling as the polls show the people are not swayed by their scaremongering. It's time for the servant class to step in and covince the masses, the hoi polloi. An Oxford PPE tries to sway the people.

Brexit is worse than Trump, he says, and you know how much the servant class all fear Trump. Not even Trump is scary enough any more, so the last thing they have left is hysterical arguments about war and peace.

Hold firm Brexiters, close you ears to the siren calls of the sycophants who serve the Establishment and the elites, go into the polling booth and vote leave.

They are running out of scares, they are losing the argument, they've used up all their "experts", they've fired all their bullets too soon, and now we are going to fire them.

As Trump always says "Get 'em the hell outta here!"

"Which would you rather, President Trump or Brexit? It’s no contest
It takes an extraordinary confidence to look at the last millennium of European history and gamble that the 70 years of peace that have held since 1945 – an exceptional, aberrational interlude – have had nothing to do with the existence of the European project. Do we really think it’s a coincidence that no two EU member states have ever fought each other? Do we want to roll the dice to find out? Do we feel that lucky?"

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