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Interesting far left view of Corbyn's position on the EU

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claig Thu 09-Jun-16 14:47:58

I tried googling for that Corbyn speech where he was against the EU and the bankers and the undemocratic nature of it etc. I couldn't find it, but stumbled on this far left analysis of what Corbyn has become and how he serves the ruling class.

I am not left wing because I think they have got it wrong in their analysis of how to deliver prosperity for the people, but they are right about the ruling class fooling the people with their publicly funded whizzkids.

If you are a left winger, it is worth reading this analysis as it is good in explaining how Corbyn has effectively sold out to the bosses and bankers and pretended that unless the UK stays in Europe, that our democratic system would be at the mercy of the Tories (who also as it happens all want to stay in Europe, or at least the Establishment approved Tories).

"Corbyn comes good for the bosses’ and bankers’ EU
With the Tory leadership split and at each others’ throats, Corbyn will now be the main man to keep the UK in the EU, and will no doubt be palling up with President Obama when he arrives in the UK to join the Tory campaign. He has turned his back on the struggle for socialism and now has his own ‘project fear’, that only the EU can protect us from a Tory dictatorship.

He said in his speech on Wednesday: ‘Just imagine what the Tories would do to workers’ rights here in Britain if we voted to leave the EU in June. They’d dump rights on equal pay, working time, annual leave, for agency workers, and on maternity pay as fast as they could get away with it. It would be a bonfire of rights that Labour governments secured within the EU.’

However, under the EU, a war was begun in the Ukraine, mass austerity has been imposed all over Europe, with hundreds of thousands of workers being forced to leave Ireland, the Greek workers are being crushed again and again, and now there is a civil war taking place on the streets of Paris against new anti-union laws. At the same time, international trade deals are being signed that will lead to the irreversible privatisation of the NHS, while the EU is firing stun grenades and poison gas at refugees, having paid Turkey 3bn euros to traffic them back."

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