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David Cameron In or Out tonight on sky news

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Nanou50 Thu 02-Jun-16 21:40:38

The In or Out campaign has had a lot of non starter moments including the scaremongering, World War III, £4300 worse off per family from the In camp. However, I think that David Cameron tonight came out fairly well even though he admits being very frustrated by Europe. I regret that some questions weren't focused enough, i.e. how can we slow down migration from within the EU or help our youngsters to get on in the housing market or still more if the UK is doing so well economically why then stores like BHS or Austin Reed have been forced to go into administration?
I'm still sitting on the fence and await the next Q&A with Michael Gove.

Limer Thu 02-Jun-16 22:02:42

I missed it, was watching Springwatch. Thanks for the summary. I'm firmly of the belief that the UK's economic growth is entirely fuelled by the huge population increases each year.

When is Michael Gove on?

Nanou50 Thu 02-Jun-16 22:12:16

Tomorrow at 8pm on Sky News. Should be interesting smile

Limer Thu 02-Jun-16 22:18:26

Thanks Nanou50 will record that. I'll be interested to hear Gove.

claig Thu 02-Jun-16 22:49:00

I missed it but it is on youtube

From the reports afterwards it seems that Cameron was a bit flustered by the audience and by the Sky interviewer, Faisal Islam. There is probably more Cameron spin than the Red Arrows doing a fly by.

BritBrit Fri 03-Jun-16 07:20:30

I think he was terrible for several reasons. Firstly in the interview at the beginning part he simply had no answers of immigration & kept floundering, it is very clear if we stay in the EU immigration will be out of control forever & David Cameron couldn't hide that fact. The problem I also had was he never really answered the question he just kept trying to change the subject & was very evasive. Also it was very clear from the audience that his scaremongering tactics e.g. warning of WW3 & economic collapse simply were not believed whatsoever which is a big problem for the remain campaign, it was quite evident people saw through it

MuddledMuse Fri 03-Jun-16 10:18:10

I have just watched this and I found it extremely frustrating. There simply wasn't enough time to explore anything in any meaningful depth. I don't think Cameron was being deliberately evasive, as he was cut short when he was trying to answer some questions. The programme should have been two hours long, which would have allowed issues to have been explored a little further, and would have been more instructive than the sound bites which were delivered here.

As a fence sitter, I would have liked to have heard more about why we aren't training more of our own nurses and other health workers. I had assumed our own youngsters hadn't wanted to do this work, but it seems this isn't the truth. They are simply not being encouraged and funded to complete the necessary training. So when we hear that the NHS would collapse without immigration (which certainly appears to be the case on the ground in the South East), we aren't getting the full story. It's easier and cheaper to bring in people from outside than to assist the youngsters who are already here to achieve their dreams and ambitions. How sad.

Nanou50 Fri 03-Jun-16 11:37:05

I agree MuddledMuse andBritBrit, I too, as a sitter on the fence, would have welcome a much longer Q&A. It is such an important issue! We need in fact, not Q&A, but a proper debate with all big guns present, so we can make up our mind. Our island which is a decent size - no longer is over stretched in all directions and we don't even get a semblance of a solution about the NHS, housing crisis, perpetual traffic jams etc... One question I would have loved to ask is "How can you stop Angela Merkel from controlling, dictating and ruling over Europe." e.g. inviting the whole world to Germany then trying to distribute the migrants over the other European countries which haven't been consulted in the first place or have they? - so so undemocratic.

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