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EU just voted to start an EU wide tax system

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BritBrit Fri 27-May-16 11:56:17

On Wednesday night the EU voted for an EU tax system with all EU citizens to be given EU taxpayer identification numbers. Clearly the EU want to setup EU wide taxes & for them to control national taxes

What are your thoughts on this?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 27-May-16 11:59:29

Sounds pretty sensible to me - with people working all over Europe it will be much easier to ensure everyone is paying the correct taxes, and receiving the correct benefits...

PinkBallerina Fri 27-May-16 12:05:20

Crazy idea. I have lived all over Europe; Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium and the differences in the benefits system, employment system, healthcare systems is vast. How on earth is an EU wide tax going to work? I fear it will result in the loss of our beloved NHS

BritBrit Fri 27-May-16 14:03:37

Agree with you PinkBallerina, if the EU get controls of UK taxes we are in big trouble. The EU would be able to set our tax rates & as part of that spending as well. There is also the issue that they will use the tax income on the EU not the UK or divert a big part of our tax to support other EU nations like they do with our current fees

Winterbiscuit Fri 27-May-16 14:07:24

No thank you. The UK's tax system is enough without adding any more layers of administration. It is also none of other countries' business how much UK citizens earn or the tax they pay. If we're not going to be involved in a United States of Europe then we don't need this.

As the article says, the tax will be on top of our national tax contributions.

"We get healthcare, education, emergency services, and the protection of the military and police force. At an election we can change that Government."

"Yet in a few short years, the EU will also be putting its hand into your pocket, and making sure that you take home even less of your salary. In return you get no tangible benefits or protection, but instead support a vast and bloated bureaucratic system, who exist only to impose more unwanted laws and taxes from across the sea – and we cannot throw them out as they are unelected."

And it's bad for British business:

"Tied up with EUTIN is new legislation that will prevent member states from setting their levels of corporation tax too far below those of other member states. It is a direct attack on competitiveness, designed to ensure that no country with a large financial sector (such as Britain), can make itself more attractive and successful as a place to do business."

Where is Britain's opt-out now?

notoTTIP Fri 27-May-16 14:16:32

It would have been better if they had synchronised taxes when they brought in the Euro. Maybe Greece wouldn't have had the problems it has now if they had been paying correct taxes instead of spending euros they didn't have.
But not for the UK, we already have a robust taxation system

notoTTIP Fri 27-May-16 14:18:00

Meant to say they should have definitely brought in the unified tax system for countries in the Euro

JinRamen Fri 27-May-16 14:40:30

I really don't think this is a good idea. More tax to pay but it won't go to the uk it will all go overseas.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 27-May-16 14:49:37

so where is the information on this other than the highly judgmental article in the op? Google doesn't seem to be able to help me.

SocialDisaster Fri 27-May-16 14:52:56

HAve they got an address to send Google a bill?

SocialDisaster Fri 27-May-16 14:55:07

80Kgirl Fri 27-May-16 15:35:24

I don't love the sound of it.

I am just wondering why none of the main news channels haven't picked this up and why the Brexitiers aren't banging on about this. This is an open goal for them.

BurnTheBlackSuit Fri 27-May-16 20:27:26

Is this real? I can't find any information about it online?

shitchef Fri 27-May-16 22:49:20

Well I've found this (don't know how reliable it is);

shitchef Fri 27-May-16 22:51:55

Sorry, just seen that others have already posted it. Don't know if I can face trawling through the EU website.

yummycake123 Sat 28-May-16 00:11:06

Hmm... Not sure how reliable those sources are. I can't find anything else online, which is weird. There are already Tax Identification Numbers in place in some countries

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Sat 28-May-16 00:16:16

I fear we might all have ot learn to speak German, as a result. I can't ven correctly capitalise everything in English, FfS!

Chalalala Sat 28-May-16 10:57:42

if the only source people can find is a link that start with "EU plots...", then I'll wait for more reliable info

but in principle an EU-wide tax identifier would make a lot of sense, if only to make it easier to track people's claims/benefits/reimbursements when they move countries.

trevorct7 Mon 30-May-16 14:17:37

This claim is utter tosh, if it was true the Daily Mail would be on the case. I did not realise people could be that gullible. Always check the source, very revealing! Try it out please, it will show you that the very small number of very desperate "outers" are at it again.

Another thread - easy to find just 'out, in or undecided thread'. Not truly scientific, but never the less quite confusing. Most threads have more posts from the 'out' side, but this thread shows 72% in and 28% out?!?

WappersReturns Mon 30-May-16 14:53:16

I'm a very recently decided out voter, but BritBrit's posts are actually on the verge of changing my mind. I would quit while your behind OP.

BritBrit Mon 30-May-16 14:55:53

This is an actual vote the EU Committee voted on & is being discussed by Liam Fox an MP & former defence minister are people suggesting the event didn't happen

WappersReturns Mon 30-May-16 15:38:00

I'm suggesting you're doing more harm than good to the leave campaign by your incessant posting of barely tangible propaganda. As an undecided voter over the last few weeks it's been very off putting for me reading this board.

trevorct7 Mon 30-May-16 15:58:00

Of course it is not true, there is no such committee! You would have to have had a 'total lobotomy' to believe this rubbish. It is lies and deceit on both sides, that is ruining the balanced debate over the issues. I sent the link to the chairperson of our local Conservative association, she is undecided, "utter tosh" were her words.

FanSpamTastic Mon 30-May-16 16:06:34

"No taxation without representation". Chuck the espresso in the channel and take a leaf out of the U.S. books. Is 23 June going to be our Independence Day?

I am pro free movement of people and trade. But very concerned at the acceleration towards a federal system that seems to want to be a United States of Europe.

FanSpamTastic Mon 30-May-16 16:13:09

There has actually been an EU consultation on this matter - it was around 3 years ago here.

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