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if the result is opposite to your vote, will you consider leaving the country?

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IamAnIAMSgirl Wed 25-May-16 14:55:36

I am getting quite freaked out by the unknown consequences of the EU Referendum, whatever the outcome.

I was just wondering if any of you are considering moving to a different country to escape it completely?!

lavenderdoilly Wed 25-May-16 14:59:09

No. But I might apply for citizenship of an EU country to make travel and visas easier. I have an EU born parent as does dh (not the same parent!).

MrsBlackthorn Wed 25-May-16 15:00:22

Yep. If we leave I'll ramp up my efforts to move to Asia. We've lived there before, and my job prospects are better there given the likely economic shitshow that will hit post-Brexit.

roundandroundthehouses Wed 25-May-16 15:01:58

No, but I'll probably take up Irish passports for myself and the family.

AnnaForbes Sat 28-May-16 06:09:15

If we vote to remain, we are considering moving. I am concerned with the plans for the EU army and the expansionist ambitions of the EU. Then there's the loss of democracy and sovereignty and many other reasons I wouldn't want to stay. Moving to the other side of the world looks appealing if we vote Remain.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 28-May-16 06:14:08

No. I'll live with the majority decision and enjoy the economic bounce which will happen for a few months.

I'll just hope for a rise in UKIP so we get another chance of a referendum in the future.

Mistigri Sun 29-May-16 14:36:07

If there is a vote to leave and Boris gets anointed chump-in-chief, then I'll consider handing back my British passport as soon as I get my French one.

Where would people move to? Honest question. Outside the EU it's not easy: you usually need to have a valid claim to citizenship or to work in an area with skills shortages. And anyone moving to another EU country now has absolutely no certainty that they will be granted a right to remain.

GiddyOnZackHunt Sun 29-May-16 14:42:45

I don't think so. It's a majority decision either way and we don't have any entitlement to anything but UK passports.

JassyRadlett Sun 29-May-16 14:43:05

Yes. My kids have the right to dual citizenship and DH could get residency for my home country.

Quite apart from concern about the economic aspects and Britain's ability to weather a second recession so soon after the first, the amount and degree of anti-immigrant rhetoric during the campaign has been eye opening and a little frightening. I worry about what that will mean for public policy relating to immigrants in the future.

Plus, I have never felt so hated in this country, and that's not a nice way to live.

BettyBleue Sun 29-May-16 15:51:40

I would consider leaving the UK and emigrating to Australia if we remain in the EU. It's more for my baby daughter's sake than my own. The thought of more and more people coming here, when we are already full, terrifies me, especially when countries like Albania and Turkey join.

Lottielo Sun 29-May-16 16:36:05

I would like to leave but I don't know where we could go. If we were younger, we would go to Australia.

JassyRadlett Sun 29-May-16 16:37:21

Out of interest, why do so many see Australia as the natural place to go?

JassyRadlett Sun 29-May-16 16:39:48

(for those afraid of Remain, that is?)

ExitPursuedByBear Sun 29-May-16 16:43:19

I have no intention of leaving. If the vote does not go the way I woukd like, I can sit back and watch and say I told you so to my heart's content.

Sukiesu Sun 29-May-16 16:44:46

Lots of people consider Australia, New Zealand because they are English speaking and the weather is considered by many to be better than ours. So the life there is very out doors based, BBQ's, sport etc. The house prices are generally cheaper than the UK too. A lot of People also have relations there already. Unless you have a skill, a huge amount of money in the bank (retired folk with family there) or a professional qualification they need, it is unlikely they will let you in, apart from a visitors visa.

JassyRadlett Sun 29-May-16 16:47:56

Interesting. I'm Australian, so that's where we'd end up. But I do find it interesting that people don't evaluate the economic factors in their destination country so much as eg the weather, if what you're saying holds true.

I think people may also be a bit out of touch on house prices and cost of living.

mummytime Sun 29-May-16 16:57:04

Yes - if we exit.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 29-May-16 16:57:59

If there is a Brexit I would hope that Scotland would leave the UK (and remain in the EU).

Sadly don't have the means to live somewhere else sad

TheCladdagh Sun 29-May-16 17:04:17

I would consider leaving the UK and emigrating to Australia if we remain in the EU. It's more for my baby daughter's sake than my own. The thought of more and more people coming here, when we are already full, terrifies me, especially when countries like Albania and Turkey join

So your plan is that you'll go and become an immigrant in another country in order to avoid living in a country that is attracting immigrants? Is the irony entirely lost on you?

Are you secure in a set of skills and qualifications that are in high demand in Australia, so you'll be welcomed with open arms by any country that might snag your interest, unlike all those pesky Turks and Albanians?

Sukiesu Sun 29-May-16 17:28:59

I have friends & family in Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth, so I'm well aware of house prices and the cost of living. I've been for extended holidays over the past 35 years. Some areas I could afford, some I couldn't, the same as London or anywhere else. Personally I love Sydney & Auckland, because they are by the sea & have culture. Personally I don't want to leave London but our infrastructure can only take so much. My husband is in the construction industry and has been for 45 years. There is a lack of land and labour to build the quantity of houses that we need to keep up with the population explosion. The EU can demand we build X amount of houses to keep up with demand, but in reality it ain't going to happen!

JassyRadlett Sun 29-May-16 17:51:04

But isn't it the case that house prices are only affordable if you already own property somewhere pretty expensive in the UK eg London? I know we could be mortgage free in a nice area of Brisbane based on the current equity in our London house, but that's a function of us being lucky and moving in the property market at the right time, not because housing is inherently more affordable in Australia. I could do the same thing in many areas of the UK.

And while I would love to go back to Australia, the economic prospects aren't the best at the moment.

I'm intrigued by your 'have culture' comment, but think probably better not to prove that one... hmm

JassyRadlett Sun 29-May-16 17:51:16

Probe, rather.

Sukiesu Sun 29-May-16 18:52:54

I like visiting galleries, museums, going to the theatre etc. I found 'some' culture in Sydney and Auckland. I also love being near the sea. Personally I found Brisbane & Perth a bit boring. Fine for a holiday but not to live there. The question asked was about would you leave & where would you go. Someone asked why Brits like Australia. I tried to give reasons. I have family in Spain too and can speak basic Spanish. It would be much cheaper to move there for me & I could work in a Language school. Obviously where you would be able to move to depends on your individual circumstances and budget.

DiggersRest Sun 29-May-16 19:03:22

Jassy l thought the same thing, so only Sydney and Auckland have culture and are by the sea hey hmm. Melbourne has a lot my culture than Sydney and definitely more than Auckland! (having lived in all 3 cities )

I don't think many people realise just how expensive Australia is now. I go home every 2 years and I'm blown away by how expensive it is, and l live in London!

And have you looked into eligibility for Aus? It's quite difficult and if there's an influx of immigrants it will get harder.

JassyRadlett Sun 29-May-16 19:21:57

And have you looked into eligibility for Aus? It's quite difficult and if there's an influx of immigrants it will get harder.

God I know. Hard enough to get even DH's spouse visa! (With that $7000 fee that obviously everyone has lying around...)

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