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The EU and Africa

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A4Document Mon 16-May-16 22:09:21

I've just been reading the following about the EU and Africa. What do you think?

From the letters page in the Guardian: The European Union is an ongoing disaster for Africa

"The EU common agriculture policy enables, if not compels, EU farmers to dump their excess but cheap farm produce on African markets, thus forcing African farmers to sell their products at a loss or leave the market altogether. And, while pushing for ever more foreign aid to Africa, the EU also imposes stiff tariffs on African agricultural imports, thus making it impossible for Africa to trade itself out of poverty. The result is the vicious cycle of poverty, war, famine, diseases and refugee exodus we are witnessing today."

And an article by Oxford Students for Britain: Why the Oxford left should back Brexit

"The most indefensible aspect of the EU for those of us on the left is its disgraceful attitude to developing nations.“Partnerships” with countries like the Gambia allow EU fishing vessels to trawl off their coasts, depriving local fishing communities of a fair catch and destroying the local ecosystem. Due to the punitively high tariffs on processed cocoa products like chocolate bars, many parts of Africa are forced to sell on their cheap crop to see value added abroad.

Development in Africa could be quickened substantially if we removed barriers to trade and enabled, for example, coffee processing to take place closer to where the coffee is grown. Germany exports more coffee products by value than the whole of the continent of Africa. Think of the CO2 emissions that could be saved if we allowed coffee to be traded without shipping it around the world to process it. If we Vote Leave on the 23rd June we can set up fair trade policies which will right the many wrongs that the EU has inflicted upon developing nations."

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