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TV and Radio on the EU referendum

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Itinerary Thu 14-Apr-16 16:59:23

What programmes are you watching and listening to, on the topic of the EU referendum?

I saw the first part of Europe - Them or Us? presented by Nick Robinson, a couple of days ago. The first episode is now on iPlayer, and the next episode is on BBC Two at 9pm at 19 April.

I also enjoyed the first of a series of six Newsnight specials on the EU two days ago. It was a debate on the topic of Sovereignty, with four experts with different views, and a panel of 8 members of the public. Topics to be discussed in future episodes are Security, Economy, Migration, Brussels and what Out might look like.

Question Time is on my list too, as it has included various interesting questions and debates about the referendum.

Itinerary Tue 19-Apr-16 09:42:52

Part 2 of "Europe: Them and Us?" is tonight, on BBC2 at 9pm.

The Voice of the People
"A look behind the closed doors of Whitehall and Brussels".

Part 1 was also very interesting, on the "troubled history of the UK's relationship with Europe".

Itinerary Tue 17-May-16 01:57:46

Coming up on Thursday:

Paxman On Brussels, BBC1, 8-9pm.

AnnaForbes Tue 17-May-16 09:58:20

I dont watch much tv but do often listen to the radio while I'm working - LBC is good for garnering opinions of the people on the street. R4 is ok but it leans towards a pro-EU stance as does much of the BBC. I generally avoid QT for the sake of my blood pressure!

I prefer to read the online papers - I glance over lots of them in the evening - everything from RT News to The Independent. I always read the comments too, often the articles dont reflect the thoughts of Joe Public.

SpringingIntoAction Tue 17-May-16 23:04:36

LBC is good for hearing the voice on the street

R4 pro-EU But they admitted their bias a few years ago

R5 - very pro-EU. Always find it funny when they have an 'EU special' like today's from the Bull Ring Birmingham and all the unstaged contributors are anti-EU and Adrian Chiles starts spluttering.

Really dislike Stephen Nolan when he has the Bishop and Charlie on. Poor Charlie (ant-EU) gets very ganged up on.

Sky - I think Faisal Islam needs to show a bit more balance. he was claiming that Obama had damaged the LEAVE campaign - quite the reverse as their later poll discovered.

C4 - horribly pro-EU.

BBC Question Time - great when the audience's voice breaks through and contradicts the panel

BBC Any Questions - R4 phone-in is biased.

Newsnight - might as well have the REMAIN campaign logo on the screen

Marr - terrible interviewer who always interrupts his guests

Daily/Sunday Politics is the best. Very well researched and neutral - challanges sides fairly.

AnnaForbes Tue 17-May-16 23:39:06

Andrew Neil is good isnt he? I like Jo Coburn too

As far as terrible interviewers go, how about Evan Davis. I remember him interviewing Nigel Farage and he was abyssmal. His bias was so evident, I'm surprised Farage walk out. Horrid little man, very overrated.

SpringingIntoAction Tue 17-May-16 23:44:33

Yes, I like Jo Coburn.

Evan Davies is terrible. I rarely watch Newsnight now. It's a shadow of the programme that that Paxo once hosted.

Itinerary Sun 22-May-16 16:36:20

Boris v Dave: The Battle for Europe

Wednesday 25th May, 9-10pm on Channel 4

"Michael Crick outlines how the ongoing EU Referendum battle between Vote Leave and Britain Stronger in Europe is not only a crusade to determine the UK's future in Europe, but also an intensely personal skirmish between two of Britain's most high-profile politicians."

SpringingIntoAction Sun 22-May-16 17:42:12

I shall avoid

AnnaForbes Sun 22-May-16 19:29:27

What makes me angry is the obvious bias towards the EU of the BBC and Sky News. There is nothing about the wave of civil unrest across the EU. They should give up the pretence of impartiality and declare they will do anything to help maintain the corrupt and failing EU.

A few minutes using You Tube shows the extent of the current unrest by and against migrants and refugees, against austerity, TTIP. All related to EU policy. The extent of unrest in the EU should concern us all, whichever side of the fence we are.

We will need an EU army to take control. hmm

A month ago - riots in Paris metro:

and in Calais anti-migrant protests:

and a few days ago:

and last month:

No to TTIP in Rome:

Ant-Eu Rome yesterday:

Anti-austerity in Rome:

Anti-austerity in Athens this month:

Germany this month:

You get the picture?

SpringingIntoAction Sun 22-May-16 19:37:02

They should give up the pretence of impartiality and declare they will do anything to help maintain the corrupt and failing EU.

Most sensible people have seen through the mainstream media and EU-funded BBC.
The only interviewers worth listening to are Andrew Neil and Iain Dale.

The rest can barely suppress their adoration of the EU

AnnaForbes Sun 22-May-16 20:02:03

Andrew Marr is getting worse by the week grin

SpringingIntoAction Sun 22-May-16 20:08:37

I chose to avoid Marr this week. His interviewing style irritates me as he constantly interrupts his guests.

Instead I thought I would listen to Pienar's Politics. After 2 minutes of Eddie Izzard's absurd witterings on that programme I switched off and watched Murghnahan? instead - which was also awful. I hear that Peston was just as bad.

Too many politics programmes on too many channels simultaneously all spouting the same pro-EU garbage.

At least The Sunday Politics had Andrew Neil on top form getting Harriet Harman to acknowledge she couldn't identify any of the Presidents of the EU whom she wants to run our country. Bless!

AnnaForbes Sun 22-May-16 23:32:38

I had the misfortune of watching Eddie Izzard on Marr's show. He came across as a conceited twat which is exactly what he is. I only persevered to see Penny Mordaunt.

lljkk Mon 23-May-16 17:35:30

One of the Dimbledy's did a Question Time style radio programme on BBC World Service which I quite liked. Definitely one of the better discussions I've heard.

icedbunny6 Mon 23-May-16 20:58:21

Have a listen to this - a B&Q worker who listened to the PM and Chancellor when they visited her workplace:

Itinerary Thu 26-May-16 15:09:15

How Should I Vote? - The EU Debate

Tonight on BBC1 at 8pm.

A debate on "the issues that matter to younger voters" ahead of the referendum, with an audience of voters under 30 putting questions to senior politicians from both sides.

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