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Jewish graves when not Jewish

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SchoolMoney Wed 14-Feb-18 23:44:20

I apologise in advance if I am offensive in my ignorance asking this, I really do not want to be but Google didn't help and I have no one to ask irl.
I understand the reason for stones on Jewish graves rather than flowers(as I am used to). However, is it offensive/in bad taste for a non Jewish person to place ones there?
The reason I ask is because there is a small Jewish cemetery near me and I have seen on another online forum related to the town someone who is saying they have a relative there. They can't visit or pay their respects and no one else who knows their relative is nearby. I would like to pay my respects to this wonderful sounding person, and also in a way for their family who can't do so.
However I am very conscious of it might be wrong or accidently causing offence.

Would it be wrong for a non Jewish person to place a stone on the grave/enter the cemetery/is there some I way I can?

Again I apologise if I seem stupid or ignorance for asking, thanks for reading.

hilzilla Wed 18-Apr-18 02:57:42

No it's not wrong, it's lovely that you want to pay your respects. Stones are usually in a basket near the entrance or take one with you.

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