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Pensioner in Converse

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LadyKalila Fri 14-Apr-17 17:50:24

My question is are you ever too old for converse and jeans? I'm in my 60's and I think, still don't look my age.

Gruach Fri 14-Apr-17 17:51:13

What's wrong with looking your age?

hairypaws Fri 14-Apr-17 17:51:28

Not an issue in my opinion. I hope I still wear mine then, don't see why not.

Blazedandconfused Fri 14-Apr-17 18:27:44

Wear whatever you want! Although if you're choosing them for comfort, I would suggest a visit to a quiet JD/ size when the kids are back at school and try on a few things. Adidas have some lovely styles which are much comfier than converse.

LynetteScavo Fri 14-Apr-17 18:29:07

I don't know why all pensioners don't wear Converse and jeans.

I bet I will when I'm retired.

Crispsheets Fri 14-Apr-17 18:31:49

I'm 57 and wear Superga and jeans. I won't be suddenly rocking elastic waists and Hotter shoes.
Go for it.

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday Fri 14-Apr-17 18:32:01

I'm 51 and about to go out dinner in converses!

I'm sure I will still be wearing them in 10 years time as they are practical, comfortable and they look good.

Wear what you like.

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Fri 14-Apr-17 18:33:35

Who cares about your age? If you are comfortable and you like what you wear that's all that matters IMHO

MrsMozart Fri 14-Apr-17 18:58:12

I no longer care and I'm not yet sixty.

I've finally got over thinking I should be in sensible shoes, proper skirts and twin-sets.


Blinkyblink Fri 14-Apr-17 19:03:46

Look, to be brutal honest, I do think it looks a little odd. It's a type of shoe that just isn't pitched at pensioners. Like seeing a teenage boy in a pair of brown tweeds. Nothing wrong with it per se, it just doesn't look quite right.

But there's so much nice stuff out there, it's not converse or sensible sandals! There's a world in between.

terrifictoddlers Tue 02-May-17 20:38:13

My mum is 70. She has a better figure than me (and works out hard to get it! Well done her!), a better hair style than me, and has a much better fashion sense! (which does include jeans and trainers - not sure if she has converse - but she'd pull them off!) Who cares about age! If you look good in it - wear it!! (actually, wear it regardless of what you like!! who cares!!! no-one worth worrying about!!) smile

babyinarms Tue 02-May-17 20:41:12

I plan to still wear my doc Martins in my 60''s , so I can't see the difference !

EllieMentry Tue 02-May-17 21:20:22

I'm well into my 50s and wear jeans and Converse. Why not?

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