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Baby welcome party?

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ThePartyArtist Thu 05-Jan-17 11:51:21

We're expecting our first baby later this year and have been wondering about having some kind of party so that friends and family can all meet him / her. We're not religious so it won't be a Christening.

What have people found is the best way to do this?

We wondered about a humanist naming ceremony but are they something that people think is a bit twee / just designed to get gifts? My main concern with this would be that as they're not commonplace, people don't really know the etiquette so it could be a bit awkward (us included!)

Alternatively, we considered a low key daytime party - sort of 'drop in for tea, cake and booze' in either our house or more likely a bigger venue. However does this lack a sense of 'ceremony' and would it therefore feel a bit too low key for those family who might be travelling a long way for it (we have family abroad and all over the country)?

Also, wondered - if you've done it, what are your recommendations in terms of practicalities? I don't want us to over commit to anything that's going to be difficult with a newborn!

scrivette Thu 05-Jan-17 11:55:22

I did it with DS1.
Lots of family wanted to come and meet the baby and so I had an 'open house' in a set day when he was a couple of weeks old.

I provided drinks and cakes and crisps and people could make their own hot drinks.

It was the summer so we were able To be outside.

It was quite handy for getting the 'bulk' of the visits in one day.

Smitff Thu 05-Jan-17 11:58:51

I think you need to decide first how old the baby is going to be when you do this. Give yourself time to heal and recover, rest a bit. Hopefully it'll all go swimmingly and your baby will be a dream, but there's a chance that this won't happen. Also, for the first few weeks (maybe months if my second DC is anything to go by), the baby will be mostly asleep during the day.

So, if you're thinking around the 6mo mark, how many people do you think would have met the child already? Would it be worth having a ceremony?

TBH, the reason people tend not to go for these things is purely logistical. The effort of a christening (and it is an effort) is worth it for the religious blessing. If it's just a party to show off your baby, you may well (like lots of people) decide it's too much bother.

Congrats btw!

BoredOnMatLeave Tue 17-Jan-17 08:02:40

PP mentioned age of the baby but I've found with DD it was actually better when she was a newborn and asleep all the time. She is 6 months now and is quite intimidated by a room full of strangers fussing over her. she will just hold on to me or DP and cry if anyone else tries to hold her. Just something to keep in mind.

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