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People who don't RSVP

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user1479307376 Wed 16-Nov-16 15:07:16

I am getting married next year and sent out my invites about 2 months ago. On the invite i made it very easy for people to RSVP, as i didn't want to receive loads of RSVP cards I simply asked people to text me and provided my number.

The RSVP deadline I put on the invite was the end of November and I am wondering what advice people have for the people who have not RSVP'd by then?

I don't think i should have to chase people down to confirm if they want to attend my wedding or not.

What makes it worse is i know at least 1 person (through the grapevine) who has already booked their overnight accommodation for the wedding but has yet to RSVP.


Ilovenannyplum Wed 16-Nov-16 15:09:40

I'm getting married next month, I had to chase for RSVP's.
I'm still waiting for one person to commit before we can do the seating plan. They've got til the end of this week and then it's just being doneangry

I think it's rude, they were given a stamped addressed envelope and they literally had to tick a box and return it. It takes 2 seconds.

BonusNewt Wed 16-Nov-16 15:13:27

How many people have not yet RSVPed? I know you think you shouldn't have to chase people, and you are probably right, but for your own peace of mind on December 1 I would personally call every person who hadn't RSVPed yet, assuming that is a reasonable number of families of course! If it is hundreds , perhaps not...

Perhaps just because it is so easy people are leaving it until the last minute because they know it will only take a second. Like when I worked in the shop right opposite my house I was always late because I knew it would only take seconds to get there so left in to the last minute...

WarwickDavisAsPlates Wed 16-Nov-16 15:16:47

How many rsvps are you waiting for?

We had a couple who didn't rsvp to ours so we just put them down as not attending and carried on with everything else.

user1479307376 Wed 16-Nov-16 15:49:59

Yeh, i can understand that. I just know a lot of people (including myself) if i got the invite and didn't RSVP straight away (esp as it was just a text) I would forgot to do it.

Only waiting on about 10 but not having a massive wedding so that's about an 8th of all my guests smile

Just feel a bit like why should i have to chase someone to come to my wedding, they should be honored to be invited and therefore respectfully accept or decline. Esp as some of the ones that have not yet RSVP were the ones i didn't really want to invite but felt i "had to" (every wedding has them haha)

Candlestickchick Thu 17-Nov-16 11:28:12

I agree not RSVPing is rude! But when is your wedding? If it's January fair enough but if it's more like July then you've asked for an early RSVP date and that inevitably means people won't have got their shot together for something that far off. I'm not defending them (they know if they have plans, in which case RSVP no, and if not RSVP yes right?!), but it might be one explanation.

I send my invitations out in the new year and can already tell people are going to drive me mad with this!

ViewBasket Mon 28-Nov-16 20:26:50

You're right, of course people should reply promptly. However, sometimes things do get lost in the post, so I'm sure people would appreciate you getting in touch. Otherwise, they might think you haven't invited them!

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