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wedding gifts. cash.

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Yourface Wed 18-May-16 09:18:42

Invited to evening do. Children included. So 4 us. Not close to the b&g. School mum. Though they are lovely.

Where cash gifts have been requested, what is the going rate? Not been to a wedding for ages and poss never to an evening only. Not sure on what is right thing to do.

DarlingCoffee Wed 18-May-16 17:09:03

I know it's popular but I just think asking for cash gifts is terribly crass. I guess it depends on what you can afford but seeing as she's not a close friend and you've only been invited to the evening do I wouldn't give more than £40 to be honest

Spam88 Wed 18-May-16 20:40:58

I'd go £20.

PrincessPlod Mon 23-May-16 22:21:46

£30 and cane the buffet!

Yourface Tue 24-May-16 10:43:14

We gave £100 my husband wanted to give £150 but I talked him down. Buffet was bogging.

Felt tight to give too much less when there were 4 of us. In any case, anyone who invites kids to their wedding deserves a bit extra for their bravery.

HunterHearstHelmsley Tue 24-May-16 10:46:22

Nothing for an evening do!

Salene Tue 24-May-16 10:47:37

We give £100 if day guests and £50 if evening

illstarttomorrow Tue 30-Aug-16 11:49:00

Similar circumstances I gave £20

Kel1234 Sat 01-Oct-16 15:10:00

I hate the idea of asking for any gift personally.
When we got married we didn't ask anyone for anything. We wanted them at our wedding to share the day with us, not for presents.
Surely it's like asking for a birthday or Christmas present a bit.
But I wouldn't give too much

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