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is there a right way to eat an orange?

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Lindsayc1111 Wed 02-Mar-16 21:35:18

I cut mine into segments today and as I ate them in front of my lo`s,4&1, my oh looked in shock and said I was eating my orange like a rugby player! I should teach them how to eat an orange properly by peeling it. I hate eating them like this as I don't like the pith. What do I do, eat oranges in secret? X

BackforGood Thu 03-Mar-16 00:27:04

No. Your's is the right way, for sure.
I too, hate the pith and all the mess you get by peeling an orange.
It's not just rugby players - it's all sports players.

Katarzyna79 Thu 03-Mar-16 00:29:28

tell your OH clementines, mandarins and the like are for peeling, oranges are for chopping into segments or squeezing for juice. poor kids will get confused lol

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