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Renewing vows - gifts?

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OhGodWhatTheHellNow Fri 12-Feb-16 12:48:21

So, invited to a marriage vow renewal (dd's best friend's parents). They've had nine years and three kids together so what is the score re gifts? I haven't a clue.

DH think's they're only doing it to get the goodies, I'm less cynical and think she caught him out

AnotherCider Fri 12-Feb-16 12:52:35

9 years? And they're renewing vows already? I'm with your DH, they're in it for the goodies.

If they are renewing on their anniversary, the 9th is pottery so buy them something like a platter, nice tea or coffee pot etc.

OhGodWhatTheHellNow Fri 12-Feb-16 13:45:45

Ah, that could work. Thanks.

Ditsy4 Fri 11-Mar-16 23:07:12

Depends on what you want to spend but a meal voucher could be offered. Afternoon tea if you don't want to pay for dinner.

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