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Christmas Tips

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iwantgin Thu 17-Dec-15 08:03:52

I wondered how much/what the procedure should be for tipping the papery delivery person?

I have had two cards posted - wishing me/us a Merry Christmas - one from the Paper Boy, one from the Sunday Paper Boy.

(they both look like they have been written by the same person - not a young person's writing - perhaps the paper shop owner ?)

I think last year I popped £5 in a card and dropped it into the paper shop.

Should I be sure to be up and pounce when they approach the door and hand it over in person ?

iwantgin Thu 17-Dec-15 08:04:56

To add - many, many years ago when I had a paper round I knocked on the door, said Merry Christmas and handed customer their paper. (That was an evening round though, not the morning).

CreepingDogFart Mon 21-Dec-15 20:48:16

We don't have a paper boy but maybe a fiver or something? The bin men get a bottle of wine each.

weaselwords Mon 21-Dec-15 20:50:28

Our paper boy is an oap, so we get him a bottle of whisky as he's been delivering to us for years and years. Probably no good for school aged kids fgrin

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