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Oh god I feel so guilty ..

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Confused2015xxx Wed 11-Nov-15 17:20:56

Ok so today I was running late for work..I start at 11.30 and it was chucking down with rain and I had my headphones in.
I was walking through town and everyone was stood still..I kept walking thinking what the hell but in my head I was thinking what excuse I was going to say to my boss.
Then it clicked it was the 2 minutes silence .
So I stopped then the alarm sounded that it was over.
Everyone kept staring at me and I genuinely forgot.
I bought a poppy and always show my respects.
Argh I've felt awful all day
I was thinking why are they staring at me and why is everyone stood still
How thick am I

IrisVillarca Wed 11-Nov-15 17:28:37

Lots of people ignore it, by accident or on purpose. You know you support and respect it and that's all that matters. I doubt any of those people will be thinking of you continuing to wak down the street.

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