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Gift Card giving Etiquette

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UnpreparedMum Sat 07-Nov-15 13:19:48

Just wanted some opinions on the giving of gift cards as pressies for dc's (other people's). My sis & bro in law have requested a gift card for my baby niece's birthday and Christmas pressies. I wouldn't mind but they had gift cards when she was born and for Christmas last year, so I've never actually been able to buy her a proper gift.
I have two dc's & sometimes people will ask and I'll suggest a gift card, but I always send a pic of what we bought with it and on the next 'occasion' I make sure they are 'allowed' to get an actual gift.
Perhaps I'm being an over sensitive idiot but I'm a bit put out! They are pretty well off financially so it's not a money issue.
(Ps I know people will say 'don't ask' but I don't want to fall out / ruffle feathers)

Pancakeflipper Sat 07-Nov-15 17:00:02

I am of the attitude if you see something you'd like to gift someone then get it. Unless they want something for a specific reason or you know a gift card would be really welcome (in our household it's Lego gift cards).

If you've seen something and think she'd love it get it. They might just say gift cards cos they can't be arsed to think of anything.

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